Patient Rescued from Banner University Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona

Right now in America, families are literally rescuing their loved ones from hospitals.

Federally funded hospitals in America have clearly shown they are choosing profitable protocols over patients. This is apparent by the sheer denial of all potential therapeutic options for COVID patients. It seems to be the same M.O. in every federally funded hospital. Americans are learning that the only way to actually receive treatment is to leave the hospital and return home. Those who take their health into their own hands have far better success rates, than those who submit to the Fauci directed NIH protocols restricting therapeutics to COVID patients.

Penny did just that for Tony. She realized Banner hospital in Arizona was not only withholding potential life saving therapeutics for Tony, but she also experienced Banner intentionally leaving Tony for dead when moving him to palliative or comfort care without knowledge or consent.

Banner receives far more money for COVID death than they do for life. Realizing this, Penny arranged all necessary equipment, telehealth care with necessary therapeutics, and transport to get the love of her life home. Banner hospital refused to discharge Juan despite him being on only 3 to 4 liters of oxygen. Without telling the hospital beforehand, Penny showed up at Banner with transport and signed him out against medical advice (AMA). As much as Banner may have wanted to, hospitals and doctors cannot hold a patient against their will. That would be considered false imprisonment! Americans do not surrender their rights just by needing medical care. Penny is a fantastic example of learning to advocate for her family’s rights and taking health into her own hands.

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