Victims of government infringement, unconstitutional law-making by administrative agencies, and enforcement of unlawful protocols and mandates have an avenue to seek justice. This criminal complaint process is our tool for society to return to a system of laws and a constitutional form of government. Take action – It’s your civic duty!

Attorney Todd Callender – How and Why to File a Criminal Complaint

We must assert our rights, it is in our hands to preserve them.

There is a simple process to serve the Legal Notice and Application for Criminal Complaint. These documents are available for you to serve on company supervisors, managers and administrators, small businesses and government officials violating our laws and liberties.  There are no exceptions to our rights, and government has no authority over them.  

Few exemptions are granted by employers and most of those pertain to religion. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”), qualifying employers must reasonably accommodate an employee who requests to be exempted from a company rule or policy that conflicts with their sincerely held religious beliefs, practices, or observances.  Again, this is provided that the request does not pose an undue hardship to the employer. 

Investigational or approved medical treatments may not be imposed without informed consent, or it’s considered a battery.  As such, anyone requiring participation in a medical experiment (coercion) can be held personally liable for damages incurred.  The Nuremberg Code, which is codified into American law provides us protection from accepting any forced medical procedure or therapy; there can be no element of coercion, deceit, or duress.  That said, forced investigational vaccinations, as well as forced experimentation of a hospitalized patients are not only unlawful, but they are also crimes against humanity.

Hands for Health and Freedom is assisting those affected by unlawful mandates and protocols. With backgrounds in the medical and legal fields, along with law enforcement expertise, we seek to empower others to advocate for themselves and their loved ones and cultivate ways to seek justice for victims of these crimes.

Filing a claim against the Surety Bonds of Public Officials is another approach to facilitating this change. While it won’t bring the perpetrators to justice, it may stop the crimes from further commission. Visit to learn more about this powerful and little-known tool. We recommend both approaches to clean up the existing swamp and bring renewal to our country’s governing structure. But the most important thing is that we ALL TAKE ACTION! Please return and share your powerful stories!

The Constitutional Law Group is wrapping both the Criminal Complaint and the Surety Bonds approach into one. This short video explains the process. Ignore the deadlines; any time is a good time to take action!

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