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Mayo’s Chief Medical Officer Under Investigation for Treatment of Hospitalized COVID Patient

Dr. Alyssa Chapital, no longer the Chief Medical Officer, will learn her fate in the next 10 days. Ali Shultz provides a three-minute statement during the Arizona Medical Board investigative hearing. Her emotional testimony can be heard below, and the transcript follows. Transcript of Testimony Dr. Alyssa Chapital, Chief Medical Officer of the Mayo Clinic … Read more

Informed Consent – What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Point one of the Nuremberg Code states, “the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” This standard has since been repeatedly ratified and adopted around the globe, in laws, treaties, regulations, and ethical guidelines for medical research. For example, in 1964, the World Medical Association adopted the Declaration of Helsinki, which provides that … Read more

Coroner and Whistleblower John O’Looney’s Harrowing Hospital Care Experience

“Those of you who know of undertaker John O’Looney may not know he was unwell a couple of months. Hospital staff had a good go at murdering him before he was rescued by former policeman Mark Sexton. If you think my words an exaggeration, please read of John’s horrific experience below.” Best wishes, Mike Forwarded … Read more

Right to Try Denied! Why Hospitals Continue to Deny Access to Treatments That Work

Families don’t want to give up on their loved ones once it’s clear the hospital has, yet we hear this story over and over again. Their requests for simple treatments they’ve either heard about, or may have a prescription for, are denied. Vitamins, in addition to basic nutrition and hydration, are often denied as well, … Read more

Paralytic and Sedative Cocktail Sanctioned by Deadly NIH Covid Protocol to Silence Patients

Like scenes from a tragic script, we watch this play enacted daily across the country. The deadly cocktail now sanctioned in the NIH protocol, used to thwart your advocacy, is the silent killer. Any hospital that participates in Medicare or Medicaid must continue despite the dismal outcomes. They continue to deny Right-to-Try pleas from family. … Read more

Hospital Visitation Protected Under the ADA? You May be Surprised to Find Your Loved-One is Covered Under This Sweeping Legislation

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) The ADA prohibits discrimination against those with physical, psychological, and cognitive disabilities. It protects any impairment that significantly affects a major life activity, such as learning, communicating, seeing, caring for oneself or sleeping. Request a reasonable modification for a support person to be present with your loved one, if … Read more

Gross Negligence and Medical Malfeasance Killing Patients in Hospitals, Not Covid – Nicole Sirotek, RN “I didn’t see a single patient die OF Covid.”

Sirotek addressed the Senate concerning care of patients during the COVID pandemic. As a flight nurse that could manage a ventilator, she became valuable on the frontlines in New York City in May 2020. Sirotek states that “the pandemic and the hysteria that was created from poor public health measure and poor execution of appropriate … Read more

My Journey to Figure Out Why My Vented Mom-in-Law Couldn’t Absorb Oxygen…

Lessons from Spartacus Despite the iconic Spartacus letter being scrubbed from the internet, here are the key takeaways I found related to vented Covid patients’ inability to absorb oxygen. This became of interest to me when they called me at 2:30 in the morning and told me I must vent my Mom-in-law that second or … Read more

Advocate for your hospitalized loved one with the acronym – PATIENT

Redvoice Media interviewed Patient Advocate, Melanie, who provided some great patient advocacy tips using the acronym PATIENT.  Here we’ve added some of our own procedural insight here, to help you advocate for your hospitalized loved ones. P is for print. Each person should print out their state’s codified patient rights and responsibilities, as well as the … Read more

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