Seclusion, Restraint and Ventilation Incentives Drive Profit Model in Hospitals- Is ADA Law Possible Solution?

The profitable and shielded NIH Treatment Protocol has made isolating, restraining and ventilating our loved ones a Covid Cash Cow. It’s no wonder Right to Try and Compassionate Use pleas are consistently denied.

Brannon Howse Live hosts Ali Shultz, JD to discuss Hospital Isolation

Hospital Visitation Protected Under the ADA? You May be Surprised to Find Your Loved-One is Covered Under This Sweeping Legislation

Hear the story of Dawn Rasmussen and her brother’s murder in the hospital, following this very same protocol. Including medically induced paralysis, intubation against patient and family wishes, etc., on the Stew Peter’s Show.

With added bonuses baked in at each step, (1. Covid Positive, 2. Isolation, 3. Remdesivir or Other Experiment, 4. Ventilation, 5. Death) there is virtually no motivation for hospitals to release your loved-ones alive, and every incentive to keep them until the very end.

Sadly, the hospitals are also in charge of the cycle threshold rate on their PCR Tests. PCR Tests, as we learned last year, can create more false positives by simply raising the cycle thresholds, turning “very small amounts of viral genetic material, or ‘non-viable fragments’ rather than active virus, into positive tests.” PCR Tests are being actively administered and used to prevent your visitation and justify isolation.

PCR Tests are also used to justify the administration of the known toxin Remdesivir. An expensive and experimental drug with almost no demonstrable efficacy to cure Covid-19 and a laundry list of harmful side effects that are particularly destructive during a respiratory viral infection.

Like putting the kids in charge of the candy store, hospitals can create their own highly profitable patients just through regular traffic, car accidents, broken bones, etc.

Then you add the seclusion, isolation, and medical restraint via over-oxygenation tethering and sedation. Family members are often none the wiser.

No longer EUA approved, with known high rates of false positives, you often see a second PCR test offered just before they admit patients. Frequently, these second tests contradict the initial negative test, and the looting begins.

Still, the incentives keep rolling in for the coroner and families when Covid is later listed as a cause of death on the certificate, often buying the silence of a loved-one that might be wise to the scam. With the Funeral, Burial, and Hospital Bill covered, why speak up, even if it was end stage palliative care to start with?

It’s the families that know what’s happening whose hearts are broken as their loved-ones are torn from them unexpectedly and denied access to known cures, visitation, and transfer to actual caregiving facilities.

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