Paralytic and Sedative Cocktail Sanctioned by Deadly NIH Covid Protocol to Silence Patients

Like scenes from a tragic script, we watch this play enacted daily across the country. The deadly cocktail now sanctioned in the NIH protocol, used to thwart your advocacy, is the silent killer.

Any hospital that participates in Medicare or Medicaid must continue despite the dismal outcomes. They continue to deny Right-to-Try pleas from family. They continue to scoff at vitamins and alternative therapies. Only the NIH Protocol can be implemented if their Federal Funding is to remain intact. The Federal Government is running your healthcare and demanding your doctor take a knee.

Here’s the Script –

Go in for oxygen therapy to open up the lungs.

Get some supplemental oxygen. No real relief.

Hospital admits you as Covid Patient.

Oxygen levels increase until it feels overpowering.

Try to get relief by pulling mask down periodically.

Body still not effectively using the oxygen. (Hypoxia is a known Panicogenic)

Nurses threaten to restrain you (arms tied to bed) and get ‘implied permission.’

Once restrained, you become even more panicked and now have no power to remove the mask from your face.

Panic attack becomes excuse to sedate and paralyze you with drugs, but oxygen therapy is still not working.

Now you’re intubated and have an over 80% mortality rate.

Pleas for Ivermectin, vitamins, nutrients, and high dose, effective steroids are denied as being ‘unhelpful’ or ‘untested’.

You die alone.

Dawn Rasmussen speaks to Stew Peters about the murder of her brother at the hands of hospital protocols. 2/12/22

How is it that nurses can demand (under threat of restraints) a patient not remove the mask from their face. Our bodies innately know when something is too much. If they feel a patient is unable to make decisions for themself, this patient is impaired and probably falls under the protections of the ADA. Learn more here about the ADA protections for your hospitalized loved-one.

There are types of hypoxias that have nothing to do with how much oxygen your lungs have access to. Why do they not explore this when their continuous oxygen increases have no effect?

Here’s more on hypoxia (oxygen deprivation).

What is Methemoglobin?

Methemoglobin (Hb M) is a dysfunctional form of the oxygen-carrying protein hemoglobin. It may result in oxygen deficiency and further complications affecting tissue function

Oxygen is extremely important in sustaining human life. It is so important that fully one-third of the body’s 75 trillion cells are red blood cells: the vehicles for oxygen transport

The so-called “bed” of these vehicles, the storage part, is hemoglobin. Each red blood cell is 97% hemoglobin, meaning that there is a tremendous amount of hemoglobin present at any one time in the body – around 0.75 kg!

Iron is necessary to hemoglobin because it serves essential structural and functional roles. Methemoglobin is a form of hemoglobin in which iron holds on to the hemoglobin protein in a chemical form that results in abnormal oxygen exchange. A normal oxygen exchange between the hemoglobin and the tissue is required for well-functioning of the body

Unlike hemoglobin, methemoglobin cannot bind oxygen effectively. Hence, methemoglobin is not a good transporter of oxygen from the lungs to the various parts of the body. This affects a variety of organs, which do not function well due to a lack of oxygen, including causing certain cardiovascular conditions

Methemoglobin arises due to chemicals, radiation, and drugs (such as nitrates and anesthetics), or acquired enzyme deficiencies. Infants are more prone to developing high methemoglobin levels called methemoglobinemia

The Methemoglobin Blood Test helps determine the levels of methemoglobin in blood. It is used to diagnose methemoglobinemia

Hypoxia in Covid Possible Key to Effective Treatment as Ventilators Continue to Fail?

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