Recipe for Deception: How a Venomous Serpent May Have Deceived Us Once Again?

Is it possible? Are we merely innocent Eves in the Garden of Eden?

What could have allowed our minds to accept the idea of a viral pandemic? Obviously, it would be an extraordinarily elaborate charade, if true. The most intelligent minds, even those bucking the narrative, have believed it to be viral. However, it’s certainly worth exploring.

First, we might ask, ‘did they have the means to deceive on such a grand scale?” What would it require? Below is a broad outline, but they had all of this and more, including the unlimited checkbook from the taxpayers. Below that is a walk-through of the last two years demonstrating the abuse of these tools.

Here is a great source on Venom’s commonly used in our pharmaceuticals. DOCTORS don’t even know! MILLIONS of people are swallowing VENOM-derived pharmaceuticals made from pit vipers, Gila monsters, leeches, rattlesnakes and DEATHSTALKER scorpions –

Some of the Required Elements

It might have gone down something like this.

NYC Spring 2020

The media was very kind to bring us the Daily Cuomo Panic Pressers. The desperate pleas from ‘Dr. Cuomo’ for more ventilators were answered by an incredulous Trump. Nevertheless, they rarely resulted in lives saved. Still, his pleas reinforced the idea that this was a type of respiratory disease. No other scenario was considered, certainly not venom.

Soon we learned that the virus was creating kidney and liver failure in the hospitalized patients. It was particularly aggressive with all manner of attacks we could not seem to fight or understand. These symptoms and their effects happened specifically to those in hospital care. Was it a coincidence that Remdesivir was introduced in March of 2020, as an experimental treatment with known side effects of kidney and liver toxicity?

Hospitals were offered incentives to prescribe experimental drugs during Covid; in this case they were given a 20% bonus on the entire hospital stay for each patient they ‘enrolled.’ Anyone that’s worked in a hospital lately knows who makes the decisions on patient care. It’s not the doctors any longer, it’s the administration with an eye toward profit.

Now recall, that only a few states (NY, NJ, MA, IL, CO, MI) were experiencing excess overall mortality rates beyond the CDC annualized expected death rate in the spring of 2020. NY and Cuomo lead the pack claiming the #1 spot (even though they broke the NY City’s numbers out separately – see table below). Fully 80% of states actually experienced fewer deaths in most of 2020 than expected using the five-year average forecasting model by the CDC, until the late fall introduction of vaccines. And recall the few, silenced whistleblowers that were travel nurses, trying to expose what they witnessed in these NYC and Queens hospitals.

Could those Governors have been in cahoots to drive the narrative and shut down the country or just woefully inept? If not, that is exactly what they accomplished with their deadly decision making. The remaining 80% of states never experienced the promised deadly wave. Could these Covid outcome anomalies have been the product of some scripted plan?

  • Require public health-care protocols (poisonous EUAs)
  • Coordinate policy decisions from Governors such as sending respiratory patients into care homes
  • Block access to effective treatments such as HCQ or IVM as per Dr. Zelenko
  • Public water supply issues
  • Ignore science and anecdotes
  • Create falsified studies to drive narrative of ineffectiveness
  • CDC labels Ivermectin as Animal Medicine
  • Media mockingbirds declare HCQ and IVM unfit treatments and politicize discussion

Eventually, in the late spring, they took their show on the road. The sale had been made and the public cowered in fear awaiting their turn to experience their own deadly wave just as NY had. The religion of Covid was born and moral high ground was as accessible as donning a mask.

The panic ushered in States of Emergency throughout the nation and just as in NY, families were suddenly locked out of healthcare decisions and access to their loved ones. The mass experimentation had begun. The CDC and NIH crafted rules and protocols and limits were placed on doctors and hospitals.

The Government was practicing medicine without a license. They quickly found themselves smack in the middle of the patient-doctor relationship and “First do no harm” was incinerated in a firestorm of bureaucracy. The only opinion that mattered was the federal-cash wielding Dr. Anthony Fauci who never treated a Covid patient. If a hospital wanted their lucrative Medicare and Medicaid contracts and research grants, they would follow the Covid-19 NIH Protocols, impotent as they were. Most everyone that died of Covid-19, died in the care of a hospital or facility in this early phase.

Enter the Covid-19 PCR test. A test now recalled as it was widely known to have very high false positives. Never mind they had never completely isolated the Covid-19 virus and were instead using a short strand of digitally created DNA to run the testPositivity rates were easily controlled by increasing or decreasing the cycle threshold used to ‘amplify’ viral material. This one tool alone would be a very powerful persuader in the public’s mind. This, combined with a well-crafted narrative of asymptomatic spread, allowed them to lock everything down and keep most everyone at home. Every ‘Covid’ death became an amplified, tragic news story, if it fit the narrative.

Such coverage skewed the perception of risk as you were much more likely to die in a car accident, than die of Covid. Still, if you knew someone that went to the hospital and died of Covid, you were now certain that Covid was both real and very dangerous. It would never enter your mind that it might be the medicine that killed them.

Depression settles on the nation. And soon they began testing everyone, regardless of symptoms. They positioned the rising case numbers as the new metric of virulent spread, justifying their continued tyranny. Never before had we defined an asymptomatic person as a ‘case’ based solely on a test. The medical term ‘case’ was now a victim of ‘Covid New Speak.’

Exaggerated Covid Death Rates were both encouraged by the CDC and incentivized by the CARES Act. Hospitals were rewarded with bonuses on patient stays and deaths, mortuaries were rewarded for Covid cases, and families incentivized by thousands of Covid dollars to cover burial costs. No one was incentivized to be honest about the terminal cancer, or the tragic gunshot wound. And even with that, the 2020 death from all causes rate remained fairly low, considering it was a pandemic.

Mislabeled Vaccine Deaths were often reported as Covid deaths because they fell on the inside of the carefully crafted 2-jabs-plus-2-weeks definition of vaccinated. These jab victims were often symptomatic or tested positive and were thus labeled Covid deaths. Granted, we’ve since learned there were myriad dosing levels, including placebos, within all vaccine brands, so outcomes would vary.

Covid New Speak: When have we ever stated that someone was not fully vaccinated until some number of doses plus some additional time period? The implications this has on the data collection, the statistics and the decisions made from those are enormous. For example, the highest post jab mortality is now known to occur within the first two weeks of injection. It’s no wonder they chose to redefine the ‘vaccinated’ to disclude anyone in that time period and often label their deaths as Covid related. This achieved a massive reduction in reported vaccine injuries and deaths, while simultaneously raising the Covid mortality rates. Pure genius.

Experimental Gene Therapy Sold as Common Variety Vaccine: This poor group of ‘vaccine’ recipients had to take their poison home with them to ruminate. Many would die of stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or an anaphylactic reaction. Few would make it to the hospital on time. Fewer would be reported as Covid Vaccine Injury. Their deaths were often chalked up to “pre-existing conditions” and Covid.

The definition of Vaccine was changed in 2021. This served at least three purposes. The mRNA gene therapy technologies could bypass the usually more rigorous FDA requirements for gene therapies. The public would feel confident believing that they were safe and would prevent contraction and spread of the disease, as was true in past vaccines. And the products would be well positioned to take advantage of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to ultimately avoid all liability, after the EUA has ended.

The State of Emergency is, no doubt, still in place to shield these companies from liability and required transparency. Until the Covid “Vaccines” make it onto the Childhood Vaccine Schedule they won’t be immune from liability. And, the EUA’s that protect them now can only be in place if there is a State of Emergency. Once on these schedules they will have a guaranteed annual profit stream. The ultimate goal for all Vaccine Manufacturers and usually a one in a million shot, or Moon Shot. Will they achieve that with something thrown together in a year’s time with no long term data or studies? Should they?

Poison in the Hospital Drives Covid Deaths: As we’ve learned over the last year, many of the EUA drugs they offer in your NIH mandated, hospitalized Covid Care are pure poisons, no pun intended. Drugs such as Remdesivir, benzodiazepines such as midazolam, baricinitib, and fentanyl are either renal toxic, liver toxic or impair respiratory function. Seems an odd cocktail to give to people struggling to breathe. And the righteous insistence that they stick to the protocol in the face of consistently poor outcomes, while citing ‘published’ science and refusing right-to try, seems like pure insanity.

The coordinated media assault on safe, effective, decades-old drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine was vicious and fatal. Even the FDA got in on the action. These Nobel Prize winning drugs for human use were now politicized, feared, and mocked. Why? Perhaps we are to learn they are far more powerful for common, deadly diseases than we’ve been allowed to know.

We may never know how many, if anyone died from what they’re calling COVID-19 as a transmissible virus. But we can be well assured there were millions of deaths from the COVID-19 Protocols.

There is still so much to say, but I’ll save it for another day. If you made this far down the page, you’re a champ!

Here is Mike Adams, the Founder of Brighteon TV, Interviewing with Dr. Bryan Ardis on his Snake Venom Theory

Keep doing your research and stay healthy out there.

Learn more about Snake Venom and its effects on the body here and more about medical freedoms at Hands for Health and Freedom.

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