Is Monkeypox a Steppingstone to Martial Law?

Attorney Todd Callender lays out the legal pathways currently under construction to corral us all into a new era of martial law.

Todd’s deep understanding of international law and politics, paired with a strong medical background helps him bring many things into perspective. He and Maria try to clear the sleep from our eyes and offer a few hopeful steps we must take to maintain the freedoms we still have on paper.

This is a must watch and share!

Steps to Take:

SPEAK to your local law enforcement. Let them know what’s likely coming. Will they be happy being a vaccine enforcement arm in the new Public Health Branch of the Department of Defense?

UNDERSTAND and share the limited risks of contracting Monkeypox. 98% Monkeypox Patients Gay or Bisexual Men: New England Journal of Medicine Study (

THINK – Stop letting fear campaigns rob us of our logical thinking skills and our civil liberties. It’s precisely because they work so well that we continue to have ‘Pandemics.’

LEARN the terms, such as, ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern,’ and tools they will use against our freedoms. Soon we will have a Public Health Security Agency and the Doctor – Patient Relationship you once cherished will be reduced to a Government – Patient relationship. Are you prepared for that?

ASK questions in your social media and conversations. Help others wade through the emotion and fear to regain their logical footing, i.e., ‘Why are they still mandating a jab, if it doesn’t prevent disease or spread like they told us?’ Every voice counts. Our future depends on your participation!

VOLUNTEER or DONATE – Find organizations doing the work to wake people up or fight the legal battles. If you can’t get in the battle directly, consider donating. You’d be surprised at the number of roles there are to fill, so reach out or reach in!

SHARE memes and other messaging that push through the fog of this information war. We are being propagandized. Fight back!

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022

Search this document (Ctrl-F) for the phrase “Public Health” and you might be surprised to find they’ve established a Public Health Services Uniformed Security Branch.

Public health may soon be militarized.

Many things are created quietly in enormous, annual spending bills with absolutely no fanfare. Where is our press?

Ask questions, get educated, spread the word, prepare for scarcity and connect with your local community members. Listen to the interview linked below to get a more full understanding.

Todd Callender – Medical Martial Law Incoming Worldwide! – Zeee Media

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