Monkeypox, Marburg, and Your Rights Are All on the Docket at the WHO’s Emergency Meeting This Week

The WHO meets Thursday, 7/21/22, to decide if Monkey Pox should be declared a Public Health Emergency. Here’s why it matters.

The powers granted by the Public Health Emergency Declaration are greater than you can possibly imagine. In this state of “declared emergency” nearly all checks and balances disappear. Standards, reporting requirements, legislating powers, liability, law enforcement, HIPAA, and civil liberties are all subjugated to the ’emergency’ and new leaders can be appointed by a select and sometimes unelected few.

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monkeypox last Saturday on CNN suggested we “…act like it will have the capability of spreading much more widely than it’s spreading right now,” sounds like a redux of the Covid Pandemic. He was quoted as saying, “we have to prepare for the worst; because, if we don’t and the worst happens….”

We’ve since learned, the lockdowns, masking and mandates have had little impact on Covid and had more deleterious effects on all other aspects of health and welfare. We’ve lost freedoms and quality health care and expanded our nation’s debt to an insurmountable sum. We are a much weaker country as a result of this over broad Covid response.

We can’t possibly be asked to follow this trumpeter, Fauci, down another disastrous rabbit hole. Should we then concern ourselves with the next question, one that has likely already been considered by those trying to expedite the 2030 Agenda. “How do we ensure the masses will comply, especially in the freest of countries?”

To “[ACT] like it [WILL] have the capability…” is to willingly shed the vast protections of our Constitution in a sheepish act of fear on the recommendation of a most unsuccessful, by the numbers, public health official. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) that got Covid so very, very wrong from the start, and whose reign has seen asthma and allergies soar over the last 4 decades, does not seem to have our best interests at heart.

Please read up on the many protections waived during Public Health Emergencies. Sweeping powers given under the Global Pandemic Prevention and Biosecurity Act, which created the GZDT (Global Zoonotic Disease Taskforce), have set the table for more tyranny in the name of health.

If you did not experience the horror of a loved one kidnapped by the malevolent medical establishment during Covid, you may not understand the deadly outcomes these powers usher in. Not every hospital was party to these crimes, but thousands were, and the stories are heartbreaking and unfathomable. We know, as we both helped and heard hundreds with horrifying stories in the last year.

It may well be that the next “Pandemic” comes with additional restrictions on our rights. We’ve seen the coalescing of the International Community around the idea of greater power and the need to act as one global entity to respond to such health crises. Our law enforcement agencies will no doubt be called to act. Will they stand for the freedoms of the American People? Speak with your Law Enforcement Officers today to see where they stand. Let them know that they may soon be asked to participate in the carrying out of forced injections or mandatory stays in quarantine camps. Do they remember their oath, to defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic?

It’s time to wake up the people to the fact that the international-powers-that-be are not interested in the individual or the nation any longer. This is a long, slow war won by fear and guilt. With each new emergency, they carve a few more freedoms from our liberty tree. This is likely why we have continuous crises. People can’t see it until they’re woken up to the possibility. It’s time to have conversations with your local law enforcement about what’s ahead, and the need to stop global public health “emergencies” used to eradicate our Rights.

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