The Problem

Providers treating patients with tremendous success are having their licenses threatened unless they strictly adhere to government protocols. Many quality providers having great success believe in informed consent and treating the patient instead of the diagnosis. The government-approved protocols may be harming people, or failing to treat certain aspects of a disease? There must be another way.

The Disease

The current protocol in federally funded hospitals does not treat the entire Covid disease process. Covid is an immuno-thrombotic disease with three stages: (1) Viral, (2) Inflammatory, (3) Thrombotic. Hospitals abiding by the Fauci protocol are not treating the second and third stage of this disease.

The Defense

Hence, the emergent need for patient education and advocacy in the face of this violent overthrow of our healthcare system by agents of the Federal Government, under false pretenses and unconfirmed science.  You might be thinking, “How can this be?”  The Documentary Doctor’s Orders provides answers. 

We must Arm and Educate ourselves for this fight.

Covid Care

Advocacy Documents and Tools

Learn More about NIH Hospital Protocols and False Imprisonment to Understand the Importance of Early Outpatient Care and Effective Advocacy Below

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