What If the Hospital Protocol IS Actually Harming People?

Meet Ali. Read about what her family experienced so your family doesn’t have to!

As a mom, wife, daughter, and professional, Ali had always felt confident in the medical system.  As a busy mother, and the type of person that would take her children to the doctor for every earache, she relied heavily on doctors’ training and wisdom, while also believing in proper self-care to prevent those very same earaches.

Things changed when Ali became painfully aware of the type of “medicine” currently being practiced in critical care units. While serving as Medical Power of Attorney for both her Parents-in-law, she found herself having the exact same fight against two different Arizona hospitals.

As Medical Power of Attorney, she was their voice, yet the hospitals made it difficult to verify even the most basic things, making the job of advocacy nearly impossible.  It seemed the hospitals did NOT want her to know.  Her in-laws experienced horrific treatment under the new COVID Care guidelines.  This “care” included the denial of hydration and nourishment for as long as 6 days (except for one bag of D-5 water), the use of investigational drugs WITHOUT knowledge or consent, and indefinite terms of seclusion/isolation far superseding the state guidelines. Can you imagine being alone in the hospital, fighting to breathe, sedated much of the time, dehydrated and weak from lack of nourishment, your wife dying miles away, while you’re secluded for weeks on end? This is how hospitals fight COVID in the vulnerable?

Devastatingly, her mother-in law died. However, through Ali’s tenacious efforts, resulting in handcuffs, court actions, ethics reviews, and every tool in the book one could think of, she was able to free her Father-in-law from the critical care ward after 24 days of seclusion. Despite living through what they felt were torturous conditions, he is now home and recovering. After this inexplicably difficult fight to gain access to life-saving treatments and care for her in-laws, Ali founded Hands for Health and Freedom.  She hopes to empower others to stay out of the hospitals, advocate for their own loved ones, and cultivate ways to seek justice for victims of these crimes.

How could it be that she had two parents in two separate ICUs, at the same time being coerced into the same exact protocol, that we now believe ends in over 80% mortality!?

Now, hundreds of families have reached out with the same awful story, and the hospital treatment seems to be the same – regardless of vaccination status. 

There is a perverse financial incentive for hospitals to use the NIH protocol. They are shielded from civil liability so long as they follow this protocol, which includes experimental drugs and biologics that our government agencies and leaders have a financial stake in. Conversely, hospitals, doctors and nurses are all operating under the threat of non-compliance.  While hospitals risk losing federal funding, grants and other benefits, those licensed practitioners, such as doctors and nurses, are threatened with their very livelihood.  Should one choose to go off the reservation, perhaps question the poor outcomes of the protocol or consider thinking outside the box, they not only can lose their hospital privileges, but their very ability to practice medicine in this, now seemingly rigged, system.  

Doctors and nurses are no longer able to practice medicine as we know it.  They are merely taking orders from the federal government under duress.  We have arrived at full blown socialized medicine; the government is in charge and there is no accountability for bad outcomes or care, so long as the government-issued protocol was followed.

Sadly, the Covid medical reimbursement system is structured such that hospitals receive a higher incentive for a death than they do for a life saved.  They even receive a 20% bonus on a patient’s entire hospital bill for using Remdesivir, the same medication that failed the ebola trial by killing 53% of the recipients with kidney failure. Then, there are deaths from restrictions of effective treatments for hospitalized patients. It has been estimated that more than 800,000 deaths in America’s hospitals, in COVID and other patients, have been caused by approaches restricting fluids, nutrition, antibiotics, effective antivirals, anti-inflammatories, and therapeutic doses of anti-coagulants. 

As exposed in audio recordings, hospital executives in Arizona admitted meeting several times a week to lower standards of care, with coordinated restrictions on visitation rights. Most COVID patients’ families are deliberately kept in the dark about what is really being done to their loved ones. 

Patients need to now take unprecedented steps to avoid going into the hospital for any reason, including truly understanding the 3 stages of the COVID disease process, understanding accurate dosage of outpatient therapeutics, and how to request to be weaned off of high flow oxygen, or risk submitting to the federally funded protocol, which begins by using an experimental FDA-withdrawn PCR test on asymptomatic patients. 

Many wonder how this could be? If the government-issued hospital protocols are killing most hospitalized patients, the incredible doctors and nurses wouldn’t allow themselves to participate, right? Coercive tactics such as loss of medical licensure and livelihood, with hundreds of thousands amassed in school loans, are highly effective motivators. Sadly, these clinicians are virtual captives by sheer economic force. The idea of walking away from specific training and lifelong dreams if one simply questions the establishment requires extraordinary courage and certainty. But this courage is what will save our country from government directed and funded socialized medicine under the guise of “evidence-based medicine.”

Please share this vital information to prevent this from happening to others.


By Ali Shultz, JD  

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