Synthetic Shots – Pathological Nightmare Injected into the Arms of Billions of People: New Interview with Dr. Ryan Cole

“In Dr. Burkhardt’s autopsy studies, [this synthetic sequence stays] in the vessels of the body for at least 128 days… The spike that it’s making induces pathologic changes in the body. It can cause clotting…. inflames the heart, causes heart attacks, causes strokes, and causes cancers in young age groups… Unusual things [are occurring] that shouldn’t be happening, and [it’s] likely related to a synthetic, genetically modified sequence.”

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Immune System Dysregulation: Cancers and Pathogens Left Unchecked

Ryan Cole: “The shots, both the pseudouridine, the spike it’s making, the patterns that [are] shifting, are causing those little Marines [of the immune system] and the dendritic cells and the macrophages to go back to the barracks, get drunk, and go to sleep. Now you don’t have a defense system.”

Shot-Induced COVID Waves: Increased Likelihood of ‘Unvaccinated’ Infections Right After the Shot

Dr. Ryan Cole: “If you look at the curves in the world, every time the shot rollout happened, the COVID rate went up, because they didn’t count you as fully vaccinated until [2 weeks] after that second shot. So they didn’t count all these people getting shot number one or two, getting COVID as vaccinated. It was the vaccine screwing with the immune system, allowing them to get infected.”

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