UPDATED: All-Cause Mortality Much Higher in Vaccinated than Non-Vaccinated While Giving No Protection Against Covid – Dr. Ryan Cole

TN Health Sub-committee hearing on Bill limiting Vaccine Mandates – Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Richard Urso – A must watch!

New Data suggests it’s much worse than we imagined.

Watch the entire testimony, where they discuss the deadly consequences of ignoring natural immunity and the politicization of public health policy.

Dr. Ryan Cole: “These vaccines do not prevent acquisition of the disease… does not prevent transmission of the disease, does not prevent illness from the disease, and does not prevent death from the disease.” –

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UPDATED with New Video: The Increase in All-Cause Mortality Correlates with The Shots – Do Not Get a Booster – Dr. Ryan Cole

Dr. Ryan Cole: “[When] the shots rolled out, [life insurance companies] noticed in the age 18 to 64 group of individuals, that’s your healthy working population, they had a 40% increase in claims for disability and death… But the thing [Scott Davidson] clearly states is [that] these aren’t COVID deaths. The majority of those deaths happened in quarter number three and four of last year, 2021. What does that mean? When did the mandate start? Quarter number three and four, 2021.”

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