All Risk, No Benefit, This is Not for Children – Dr. Ryan Cole on Covid Vaccines

“Here we go, propaganda; they used Big Bird. I’ll tell you what B is for: B is for blood clotting, M is for myocarditis, and P is for propaganda.”

“It is not a two-year old’s job to protect grandma. It is grandma’s job to protect the two-year old.”

“A Policy Maker, a Teacher, a Mayor is not a doctor. They are practicing medicine without a license and they should be sued.”

“If they could be in my head for one minute, they would go, ‘Oh, that’s why we don’t do this.'”

“They used Big Bird. I’ll tell you what B is for. B is for Blood clotting, M is for Myocarditis, and P is for Propaganda.”

“They’re using this to try to convince your children and Big Bird’s asking Pfizer to just make the check out for ‘Cash’ there.”

“Omicron is the funny uncle. Children are at no risk from this. Bill Gates said a couple weeks ago, “sadly it’s acting as a vaccine.”

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