Covid Shots Prevent DNA Repair Which Will Increase Your Chance of Disease

Dr. Richard Urso – Testifies on TN HB1781

“So the other the other concerning factors are the shot is blocking P 53, which is the guardian of the genome, which means every time DNA damage occurs, DNA damage repair does not occur. 

So you’re gonna see an uptick in cancers.

You’re gonna see problems with toll-like receptors, which is viral surveillance system. 

So you’re going to have a problem with increase Epstein Barr virus, increase herpes simplex or more shingles. 

This is already happening. So, we’re seeing a lot of issues. 

We’re seeing that the the vaccine cannot be broken down very easily. 

We’re still having production of spike, as I just mentioned, two months later. So, there’s a lot of concerns on that side, but there’s very little concerns on the side of natural immunity. 

It’s very safe and very long lasting and very broad and very durable, and that’s basically the main thing. 

But we have our own feelings about the shots. 

As you already said, but it’s data driven. 

It’s not our feelings, it’s our data.”

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