Why Your Children are Big Pharma’s Golden Ticket

Understanding the merchants mindless march to the Childhood Vaccine Schedule and the endless State of Emergency.

Do you sense the urgent propagandized push to vaccinate an ever-younger population while children are known to have virtually no risk from COVID?

The EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), by the FDA provides legal immunity to potential peddlers of poison. The caveat, of course, this protection ends when the emergency is over. The clock is ticking as we will soon lose patience with the endless autocracy.

So how can the Modernas and Pfizers protect themselves and their future profits, while peddling their untested toxins (no long-term or double-blind placebo trials)? This is the Billion Dollar Question, and this has been the goal from the beginning.

One way to add protection is to ensure your product meets the definition of vaccine. This may partly explain why the word Vaccine was redefined twice in the last few years. These mRNA shots are gene therapies and really fell into a different category of FDA treatments and testing requirements, until last year when the definition of vaccine was revised again.

Next, get listed in the Childhood Vaccine Schedule to help eliminate any meaningful placebo group or chance at natural herd immunity.

This will also prove immensely profitable. Consider an annual jab for 50-year-olds and up; you might get 30 more doses into them. If you start when they are 5, or younger, you’ve just tripled your market, to nearly 100% of the population, and tripled the number of doses over their lifetime too. Afterall, the bulk of the expense is in the development and trials. Once that’s done, the rest is gravy. Why not extend the gravy train for decades?

Shouldn’t we consider if another vaccine for our children is a good idea? The panic and the propanda make such considerations seem selfish. But there are currently around 72 vaccines on the CDC recommended schedule. We can see from the numbers below that an increase in vaccines has NOT led to an overall improvement in our children’s health (see table below from CHD). But they have led to a massive and profitable international pharmaceutical oligarchy.

While vaccines may have helped overcome certain diseases that were already nearly eradicated due to improved sanitation and water supplies, they have failed when we look at overall health outcomes.

This is where the Covid Vaccines have failed too. While they may hint at a reduction in Covid (studies and interpretations are questionable), the overall health outcomes of the vaxxed are mortifying.

But, since the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, vaccines are the single most profitable product a drug manufacturer can develop. I imagine, driving the fast track through an EUA sanctioned Pandemic approval and mass distribution, straight to the Children’s Vaccine Schedule is a Pharma dream come true.

This direct path will allow them to better mask the long-term health consequences of their product, as they wipe out the control group and build a captive market of lifelong subscribers. I used ‘Subscribers,’ as it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this will be at least an annual shot if not more often. As Vaccine Induced Immune Deficiency Syndrome may be just one of the many permanent side effects.

Things like infertility, long term vascular damage, increased risk of stroke, fast cancers, and organ inflammatory disease have only just begun to announce themselves, so the rush is on.

Is it any wonder that, per Dr. Anthony Fauci, “vaccination, Jim, has been the solution to every major public health issue in which a vaccine was developed []?” Pharmaceutical companies can sit back, collect their profits, and remain protected from any legal obligation. Why not create health issues and the vaccines to ‘cure’ them all day long? Oh wait, is that what the biolabs do?

Perhaps, it also becomes clear why it was so very important to bastardize already FDA approved, safe therapies such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)EUAs CAN ONLY be granted IF “there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.”

In fact, when you’re actually allowed to hear and see the risks from the Covid vaccines in children and young people, myopericarditis and MIS-C (Multisystem Inflammatory in Children) seem like far greater potentials for harm than Covid.

Never mind the dramatic rise in elite athletes collapsing on the fields, often resulting in death, corresponding perfectly with vaccine and booster rollouts. Don’t worry about the new push to normalize heart attack and stroke in young people and children. That is all totally unrelated.

Athlete collapses and deaths chart from 1st January 2021 to 21st April 2022. Good Sciencing.

Covid was around all year in 2020 and myopericarditis and MIS-C were not; the only thing that is new in the lives of young people in 2021+ is vaccine mandates. An untested, world-wild administration of a toxin that reproduces in the body for an indeterminate time, changes DNA structure through reverse transcriptase, and likely sheds to our children must not be the cause of this unnatural uptick in mortality and disease.

To achieve this vaccine mandate for children, they must have the parents’ buy-in. Hence the propaganda push.

Unvaccinated people increase COVID-19 risk for those who are vaccinated: Study

MIS-C and COVID-19: Uncommon but Serious Inflammatory Syndrome in Kids and Teens

Headlines such as these are used to guilt the unvaccinated, bolster the convictions of the vaxxed, and overcome the glaringly obvious health risks to children and young adults.

The skeptic in me might say “this Pandemic was created for just such a Vaccine.”

  • Step 1 – Targeted Cities with enormous Death Toll Creates Worldwide Panic
  • Step 2 – Politicize, stigmatize, and falsify outcomes for all potential therapies
  • Step 3 – Announce Vaccines are only solution while holding country hostage
  • Step 4 – Trample Rights in the name of Public Health to train the public
  • Step 5 – Pro Vax Propaganda – Do it for your country, for your neighbor
  • Step 6 – Restrict access to jobs and education without vaccine
  • Step 7 – Convince Public Right thing to do, even though doesn’t stop spread
  • Step 8 – Convince Public Unvaxxed are harming the vaxxed
  • Step 9 – Convince Public their healthy children need another vaccine, or 3
  • Step 10 – Mandate for everyone (no control group), outcast all the rest.
  • Step 11 – International Pharmaceutical Companies claim huge chunk of US Wealth in the name of Public Health, annually.

When those peddling the treatments are collecting all the money, running all the ‘studies,’ and interpreting all the data, it’s time to start peeking behind the curtain.

The data are really just coming in as Pfizer was forced by a court to release it. Why did they want to hold it for 55 years? The initial reports offer some insight.

Do not fall for the paid-for-propaganda pushed by poison peddling pundits. They all have an agenda and it’s not your health. They’re after your children and your wealth.

And possibly much more than that, if the World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty gets ratified…

Don’t let the propaganda turn your children into Big Pharma’s Golden Ticket!

Stay safe,

Rebecca Weaver on Substack

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