Implications for Snake Venom’s Role in the “Covid-19 Pandemic”

If this is true, it changes how we view everything.

If you haven’t seen “Watch the Water” yet with Stew Peter’s interviewing Dr. Bryan Ardis (4/11/22) regarding his theory and research on snake venom as the primary culprit in this Covid charade, I recommend you start there.

The implications of this theory proving correct may help provide a new lens for reviewing the last two years and guide us going forward. But should you remain incredulous, I understand there will more interviews and data forthcoming, to further corroborate this theory. One such source will be the The Doctor Ardis Show, where we’re told they will provide interviews and more science in the coming weeks.

When I first heard whispers of this last week, I was very skeptical and began some research of my own on the chemical compounds and processes of snake venom. It was fascinating and revealing. I had also heard anecdotal stories of a substance called Methylene Blue (Methylthioninium chloride) working effectively to treat Covid-19. As I was able to write and edit a few pieces on this substance over the last few months, I remembered reading that Methylene Blue was FDA approved to treat poisoning from snake venom and is also listed for poison treatment on the WHO Essential Medicines List.

This begged the question, “why would a medicine, used to treat acute hypoxia due to poisoning, be effective against a ‘respiratory virus,’ when all the usual respiratory cocktails, including oxygen therapy, steroids, and ventilators so often were not?” The answer had to be an interesting one. In fact, the answer that Covid-19 is a poison delivered through the vector of a fairly harmless corona virus (modified to infect humans in the early 2000s), actually makes quite good sense. So, you see, I was already prepared to believe.

Hearing Dr. Ardis suggest this venom has an innate disease targeting skill whereby the weakest link in our body’s organs or health structures get targeted first and thus helps cloak the real cause of death (poison), makes you realize how genius nature is. Nature, naturally, intended for the snake venom to most quickly paralyze and begin to break down the prey for the snake’s consumption, or provide a rapid defense from a predator.

I cannot speak to the genius of the creators of these poison cocktails, but they are clearly pure evil. The ability to kill someone and give the appearance they have died of a disease they were predisposed to is quite insidious. A mild diabetic that suddenly dies of pancreatic or kidney failure, the cancer patient in full remission that dies of massive acute onset, etc.

Looking forward, currently, we’re being told that some cities are reinstating their indoor masking requirements. They are seeing “fresh outbreaks of COVID,” such as Philadelphia. Many well-known Democrats, fully vaccinated and boosted, are sharing their latest Covid positive results, their gratitude for their vaccine and boosters, and their scripted urgings for you to get yours. It’s as though they want to lend credibility to the narrative that the new outbreak is quite real.

Well, if Covid illness (we all know the tests are bogus) comes from the treatments such as Remdesivir, the vaccines (gene therapies), and the water supply, this must mean these new cases in targeted areas are just that, targeted. Therefore, “who benefits,” should be our new mantra.

What is going on, for example, in Philadelphia currently? Are there fresh and compelling allegations of election fraud? Do they want to prevent a jury from assembling? Is there an important vote coming up that they need to ensure only mail-in ballots can be used? Who knows?

Are there states across the country headed to the voting booths with certain demise in store for globalist candidates? Could they use targeted water supply treatment to create outbreaks and shutdown the very systems that would prevent them from succeeding in their 2022 voting charade? The FDA’s approval for outpatient and early patient treatment with Remdesivir will result in a new spike in the death count. They now offer this poison to babies 7 lbs. or more that simply test positive for Covid. They will take ever younger lives to help build their fear mongering narrative and sell their vaccines to the parents of children and newborns.

And what of the past two years. Were they cautiously restoring freedoms only to be “right all along” and pull them back in the wake of a new “variant?” Each time, training us how to peacefully relinquish our freedoms in the service of “the greater good,” and be thankful for their wise guidance?

Was the well timed Covid-19 2020 Pandemic introduced to destroy the robust economy and prevent Trump’s reelection? Was it meant to usher in all mail-in balloting and enable CTCL (Center for Tech and Civil Life) to provide Ballot Drop Boxes (open for weeks) with often no oversight or chain of custody, and massive counting centers where midnight drop-offs could be made to offset the margin? Bringing in their own staffing to count ballots and man the technically complex new voting systems, leaving the community volunteers out in the cold, while demanding six feet of space for poll watchers often placing them 100s of yards away from any actual vote counting tables, all in the name of COVID.

Could the Daily Cuomo Panic Pressers of 2020 all have been a dramatic charade to cajole you into accepting your obvious fate. States of Emergency declared in nearly every state, regardless of disease, due primarily to the daily reminder that “our states were next.” All voting normality thrown out the window for the greater good.

Could it be NY and NYC, in particular, were targeted due to the large, publicly funded hospital care systems and the very dense population ill-prepared to advocate for their family members? A perfect target for maximum impact (implementation of an untested NIH deadly protocol) with minimum input into the water system. Draconian lockdowns with new rules that destroyed businesses, rents, homes, lives and education, all to sell the illusion of an election outcome that was highly unlikely?

And what can be done about it now? Now that many realize that this mRNA gene therapy can, in fact, change your DNA through a process called reverse transcriptase and one may be left producing low levels of spike protein indefinitely. And more importantly, their DNA may be permanently altered and would likely pass down to their children should they be lucky enough to have any. Not to mention the seemingly irreparable harm we’re learning this may have on immune systems. The jab’s silencing of the p57 tumor suppressing gene and the vigilant toll-like receptors 4, 7 and 8 invite all manner of chronic disease to make their home in our bodies, long or short term, whichever comes first.

Obviously, like any poison, the more of it you get, the worse your symptoms and outcome. Hence the boosters?

Do your research, take your vitamins, strengthen your immune system and stay away from pharmaceuticals and the doctors and hospitals that peddle them, as much as you possibly can.

It’s time to widen our health and wellness gaze. Things that we’ve been conditioned to label as “alternative” or “quackery” are very likely the real medicine. At the end of the interview, they list additional medicines that are effective against this poison. They are likely some you’ve heard of already. There is hope.

UPDATE: Mike Adams, The Health Ranger and Founder of Brighteon, announced today on his podcast that his lab studied Chlorine Dioxide and it does denature the proteins of snake venom in water. So, look for that as MMS, a water purification product.

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And please, stay safe out there!

Rebecca Weaver – Substack

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