Mayo’s Chief Medical Officer Under Investigation for Treatment of Hospitalized COVID Patient

Dr. Alyssa Chapital, M.D., Ph.D.

Mayo Clinic of AZ

Former Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Alyssa Chapital, no longer the Chief Medical Officer, will learn her fate in the next 10 days.

Ali Shultz provides a three-minute statement during the Arizona Medical Board investigative hearing.

Her emotional testimony can be heard below, and the transcript follows.

Transcript of Testimony

Dr. Alyssa Chapital, Chief Medical Officer of the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, is part of a larger hospital network strategy that she is actively promoting, which deprives patients care. A Drs oath is to the benefit of patients in her care. Yet our experience was quite different.

Hello Chairman and Members of the AZ Medical Board, my name is Ali Shultz, and I am medical Power of Attorney and healthcare proxy for my father-in-law, CS, who I’ll refer to as my father, who was hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic last year under the leadership of Dr. Alyssa Chapital.

During my father’s inpatient hospitalization at Mayo, he was:

-Denied all therapeutics and most vitamins

-Denied all hydration (including IV hydration) and nourishment for 6 days except for one bag of D-5 water that I had to weep and beg for days for him to finally receive.

-He was experimented on without knowledge, let alone informed consent.

-He was Given morphine despite explicit refusal of all morphine.

-He was kept in seclusion for 24 days despite the AZ dept of health guidelines and CDC recommendations at that time were to isolate for 10 days post onset of symptoms. (I often wonder if this was so she could continue to bill those critical care rates, to offset her repayment amount to the Biden Administration of the federal CARES act funding accelerated prepayments she already received?)

Dr. Chapital is actively engaged in lowering the patient standard of care.

I have previously provided the AZ medical board with audio recordings of Dr. Chapital admitting to me that she and other Arizona hospital executives meet several times a week to lower standards of care, with coordinated restrictions on visitation rights. Such malfeasance!

On multiple occasions there are discrepancies and contradictions in my father’s record. These proceedings cannot accept the patient record at face value, as I have evidence which contradicts the patient record and shows it may have been altered and falsified, which would taint the proceedings.

The Arizona Medical Board is obligated to have a procedurally fair hearing. If allegations of falsified records arise, the medical board is obligated to receive that evidence and to consider it.

It is in the public interest for a full public investigation into this matter. Care like this affects public health. Allowing individuals like Alyssa Chapital to practice medicine, undermines the role of a doctor and the entire Arizona Medical Board.

Despite being told multiple times my father is going to die and needs a ventilator, and multiple attempts by Mayo of actually blocking him from leaving, we got him home, he took Ivermectin and he’s fine now.

I have reported all of these patient safety concerns. I have provided you with the police report during my father’s stay at Mayo which states, “FELONY, vulnerable adult abuse.” I felt most of this abuse occurred directly after and as a direct punishment for our refusal of Remdesivir. I realize the hospital would have received a roughly 20% bonus on my father’s entire hospital bill had we agreed to Remdesivir, but knowing that Remdesivir caused 53% of patients in the Ebola trial to die of kidney failure, we refused the experimental drug.

This is so much larger than just one patient. And all those people who died under her watch, I believe they died from a lack of hydration, denial of therapeutics, being experimented on, drugged, and sheer loneliness.

I will not let this doctor hide behind administrative procedure, corporate policy or protocol, and cover up the wrongdoing that has happened on her watch. None of this has been patient centered care. Thank you for your time.

To hear more about the abhorrent care received by this patient and many, many more at hospitals across the nation, see the link below.

Seclusion, Restraint and Ventilation Incentives Drive Profit Model in Hospitals

To hear Dr. Chapital discuss this patient’s right of visitation and the ‘united’ approach she took with other Chief Medical Officers, listen to the short voice recordings below.

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15 thoughts on “Mayo’s Chief Medical Officer Under Investigation for Treatment of Hospitalized COVID Patient”

  1. Army Oath of Enlistment:
    I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

  2. I was a patient at Intermountain Health Care hospital in Murray Utah. They gave me remdesivir one time and my son who Is a pharmacist told the doctor to not give me anymore, and asked him if I could have Ivermectin. The doctor said it isn’t their protocol. Then in son said don’t I have the right to try Ivermectin? The doctor would only reply, it is our protocol. So my daughter talked with the hospital administrator and she had the same answer and got mad at my daughter. The respiratory doctor said to give me nebulizer treatment every 4 hours or as needed. The nurse said I didn’t need it. I wasn’t given any treatment at all. I checked myself out of the hospital and got a doctor to treat me at home.

  3. My husband was a medical prisoner in our local hospital for 10 days and lost 30 lbs. The administration refused to let me help him. After I was allowed to care for him during the day, it took another month to get him home. Every night was a setback. By Gods grace he survived The hospital was horribly understaffed and he was ridiculed for not being vaxxed. Many did not survive the neglect and horrible protocol. I will never trust them again.

  4. My husband was given Remdesivir, they put him on the vent a week later. Long story short, his last x-ray of his lungs said mild improvement which in fact was wrong, it gave us false hope. When we asked about a lung transplant the doctor said no because he didn’t have his vaccine so they didn’t want to waste a good set of lungs. They said he couldn’t have ECMO because of his age, which he was only 55. I’ve researched it and there’s not really and age limit for it. So he passed away, a good healthy man with no underlying issues they wouldn’t help. There’s more but this is a really short version.

  5. This exact scenario played out in hospitals all across the U.S.

    Never ever forget what these doctors did and the crime against humanity all at the behest of the government. I hope and pray that Justice will come to these people and soon.

  6. I will never forget the evil hospital my husband was at in April 2022. He had a really bad infection that they ignored me about. He had a bad case of cellulitis that they ignored us about too. They caused him an acute kidney injury. Didn’t treat him with antibiotics for days. The did nothing to try to prevent sepsis and to avoid him having to go to the ICU and be separated from his POA/Wife (me). They used the hospital security guards as intimidation to keep me from speaking up about anything they did or were doing. They treated me like I was some kind of threat to the medical staff and my own husband. I cry daily over there evil deeds.

  7. I had double pneumonia when I was admitted. Previously, I went to an urgent care who gave me cough medicine and sent me home. 6 days later I was driven to the emergency room where I remained isolated in the ICU Covid ward for 17 days. Was not allowed to see anyone the entire time. I was aware of the therapeutics such as Ivermectin and asked for it. They refused and said only Remdesivir treatment for me. They said I have no choice. They tried to put me on the ventilator, I refused. They were visibly upset with me. They did give me 2 types of an air source though they let the one from the wall run out of water for days, making my nose dry out and crack. Once they fill it, it would run out again and stay that way for days on end. I felt like I was punished for not wanting to take the Remdesivir, not being vaccinated and not wanting to be ventilated. They did not clean me until the middle of the 8th day, still in the underwear and pj’s I was admitted in. No shave. I had filth all over me and still had the same bedding too. I had asked for hand sanitizer , they said they do not provide that. I asked if I could buy some from the hospital store, they said no. They wound up bringing me 2 little alcohol pads to clean my whole body. They never rinsed my urine bottle the entire time. It had urine crust on the side and on the table by my head. It would sit full most of the time. Since they I had such a hard time with the urine bottle, I refused to use the toilet chair next to the bed. They would not let me use the toilet. So after 4 days, I got out of bed, the bed alarm went off as I made my way the toilet myself and they were very upset with me. At least I got to wash my hands. I was starting to get a rash on my backside. I asked for a foam mattress pad, they said it wasn’t allowed. I ended up having a wound the size of a half dollar on by back side and now have a scar from it. I would cough most of the time. I never could sleep. They were not keen on giving up any cough medicine. All I ever got to help sleep and stop coughing was a tablespoon of cough syrup. I would lose my breath and weeze, still it may take 45 mins to come, even though you could see people’s feet just outside the door. It was like a goolag. The Dr. once a day would run in and out. Refused to answer questions. I asked where the fire was, he didn’t appreciate that and made some comment that was hard to hear under his bio hazard suit. Several times I ran out of water in the morning and didn’t get any until the next day after I asked again. When I was finally able to eat and order food, 2 days in a row they “forgot” to bring me any. I was able to have my wife drop off some banana’s for me. They would not let her or anyone visit me the entire time. They had mentioned to my family I may not make it, but still nobody was allowed to visit. This hospital is in Phoenix, AZ.

  8. I have been fighting against this establishment we call healthcare first in Calif since 2009 right after Obamacare was aggressively put into practice there. I finally had to leave Calif was denied any care at all for my CONGENTIAL heart defect. I came to Az because my cardiologists at Loma Linda told me to get out of there I would not get any care. I came to Az in 2017 at first care was good. Was referred for a heart transplant evaluation. Was in process of evaluation when Covid hit and my care was put on the back burner ignored when I went to ER Dr Alyssa Clesptal was an attending physician when I was last at the ER and although I had life threatening arrhythmia and symptoms she said I was not and offered me acid reflux meds for the severe chest pain. I found out later I had pulmonary edema. They only did a chest x-ray blood work no blood gas test which would have confirmed my reason for sever shortness of breath. I am telling you this because they ignore patients who don’t have Covid but have other life threatening issues. I know longer go to ER it a waste of time. They don’t do anything for you. They should have done an echocardiogram or CT of lungs. instead they told me to contact my cardiologist so I did I didn’t have testing done until two months after the symptoms were gone. This is so wrong. I did not think contacting the medical authorities of Az would do anything so I didn’t. I know now in the future that is what I should do. They manipulate the care of most people now. No diagnosis no treatment. They don’t do proper diagnostic testing so they don’t have to treat. This whole healthcare system needs to be investigated. Thank you for your time in hearing my voice.

  9. I am in Arizona and St Joseph’s killed my wife and I survived hospital protocol only to find the world is brainwashed they don’t believe you when Tell them what happened to you and saw how your wife was murder I could hear my wife’s cry’s for help the word powerless is the gut wrenching pain I feel just remembering everything they put us through they said she was combative so they would sedate her. They starved her a deprived her of water she would text me tell me the doctor told her she was never leaving the hospital! This hospitals took advantage of sick and vulnerable people and instilled fear so we would think this virus was uncurable and that people were dying because of it! From one day of her feeling better to the next without being told she was placed on a ventilator! No one would answer our calls Or give us accurate information about her condition. We were shamed for not being vaccinated and therefore seen as an asset to gain profit! I will never forget the pain and trauma this greed has cost! My wife succumbed after her days of fighting because her organs shut down from the deadly medication she was given over and over again! No money could ever replace her in our lives! Please stop killing us off!

  10. ALL of these stories of people’s loved ones that were murdered by the hospitals and medical staff need to be told. An entire book needs to be written or a movie because this horrendous time in our history is unbelievable!!
    Each country should have their own book/movie and each hospital and medical staff that murdered people should be named.. NO excuses for what they’ve done..


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