Canada’s Covid Conflict of Interest Buried by Propagandists Parading as AP Fact Checkers. Dr. David Martin Lays Out the Case.

Dr. David Martin Reveals the farcical role of AP Fact Checkers and ‘Truth Telling Journalists’ Like Ali Swenson.

In his voluminous exchange with this intrepid truth teller, Dr. Martin provided excerpts and documents to substantiate his claims.

Dr. Martin on Trudeau’s dishonest dealings…

“What he didn’t tell Canada, or the world was that Canada controlled the mRNA Injection Platform and was going to be enriched by both Moderna and Pfizer’s partnership with Bayern Tech. And that is because, by the way, there are two companies, Arbutus [Biopharma] and Acuitas [Therapeutics], the owners of the lipid nanoparticle licensed to both Moderna and Pfizer’s BioNtech.

They own it and so the reason why I said that they would benefit from it is because they own the technology. He already knew that the gene therapy being promoted as an injection was an economic win for Canada; and therefore, Trudeau’s Canada had the monopoly on the world’s adoption of mRNA gene therapy shots. He was not promoting science; he was promoting the Canadian economic interest in the gene therapy illegally promoted as this injection.”

More on the original accusations of this at the blog, None Dare Call It Treason.

The Fauci Dossier, Dr. David Martin.

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