Covid Vaccines Not About Public Health – Improbable All Four Pharmas Used Same, Most Inappropriate Part of Virus to Develop Their Vaccines

Dr. Michael Yeadon to Grand Jury – This Entire Thing is a Fraud. This is a Catastrophic Failure. This Can Not Be About Public Health

This entire thing is a fraud.

These are not vaccines.

The only thing they bare in common with traditional vaccines, is the word. That’s it, there’s no other similarities.

In the design there is nothing that limits how long the gene is transcribed to make proteins. It could be minutes, hours, days, years. There is nothing about it that tells us how long that will happen (your body’s cells will produce and respond to Spike Protein).

They were not required to measure it because they were able to persuade the regulators, or maybe they were corrupt, that these are quote ‘vaccines’, and they were allowed to proceed down a development pathway that’s relatively light in terms of obligations on the innovator (the drug companies).

Really, it should have been classed as a genetic medicine, where the obligations, rightly, are extremely onerous. It would have taken a long time, and certainly would’ve included measurements of how long they are producing for and where in the body it’s doing that. And they were not required to do either of those things.

That’s a catastrophic failure on the part of the regulators.

He goes on to explain the implausible possibility that these vaccines were manufactured safely with any quality controls at this rapid rate in the quantities and distribution they’ve been brought to market. They are of intrinsically poor quality.

Why this CAN NOT be about Public Health

  1. You wouldn’t vaccinate people that have had the virus. It’s reckless and harmful. If it’s as contagious as they say, after two years, who would not have encountered this virus.
  2. You wouldn’t vaccinate children who are young and healthy. The risk versus benefit can only be negative.
  3. You do not vaccinate pregnant women with an experiment. You don’t take anything in pregnancy you don’t have to. We’ve learned this lesson in history and from Thalidomide.
  4. Boosters are completely, immunologically mad. If you have not got an immune response after one or two doses. Forget it.

Reiner Fuellmich: Is there any chance that the mistakes that we’ve seen happened by accident?

No, there’s absolutely no chance, and I’ll say why. (He goes on to explain the impossibility of this with his background bringing drugs to market. Must listen….)

The four leading companies that have brought forward these vaccines, all four of them decided to choose the most inappropriate (most bio-similar to human – often leading to an auto-immune response) part of the virus.

How did all four of them, independently, unless they’re colluding, make exactly the same set of mistakes? It’s not possible.

What’s the probability that all four, starting at the same time, made a similar product and made it to market? Infinitesimally tiny. Collusion between drug companies and regulators?

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Take action by filing a criminal complaint in your local jurisdictions. Many have already begun to file. It is in our hands to assert our rights, while we are still free on paper. Learn more at Lawfare – Hands for Health and Freedom.

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