Organs Damaged as ‘Vaccine’ Migrates Outside of Arm Producing Spike and Invoking Auto-Immune Response – VAIDS

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: “The Proof is There. We’re looking at an agent that has no benefit whatsoever… If there’s any suspicion that an agent in the experimental phase is causing illness and death, that experiment has to be stopped on the spot… The spike protein can be found in the blood of vaccinated people… This looks premeditated.”

Find more on the proceedings and hear from courageous voices at Grand Jury (

Grand Jury Day 4 | Injections and Psychological Warfare (5 Hours of Testimony)

Covid Vaccines Not About Public Health – Improbable All Four Pharmas Used Same, Most Inappropriate Part of Virus to Develop Their Vaccines

Take action by filing a criminal complaint in your local jurisdictions. Many have already begun to file. It is in our hands to assert our rights, while we are still free on paper. Learn more at Lawfare – Hands for Health and Freedom.

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