WATCH: Vaccinated Blood Crawling with Bacteria and Parasites in Live Blood Analysis, Numbers Never Seen Before Says Eunice Lieveld, Blood Researcher

“This is vaccinated blood; you can see that all the blood is stuck together. You can see that the blood cells look really strange. They have these really weird shapes. You see all these black lines. Those are the fibrins; those cause the blood clots. This is the reason why so many people are having strokes and heart attacks.”

“I also see visibly infected lymphocytes… + that scares me as it could indicate severe corruption of the immune system in a way that I have never seen before…

According to Luc Montagnier everyone who = 3x jabbed should get a HIV test… I think he’s right..”

Eunice Lieveld compares unvaccinated, healthy blood to twice vaxxed blood. A fascinating visual of health and illness.

Blood Stuck Together

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Bacterium in Blood

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That is a white blood cell. It is supposed to be 3x as large. It is absolutely tiny, which is really bad because that means your immune system is compromised. This blood doesn’t look healthy at all.

And here’s what scares me the most. See all those weird things moving about. These are bacterium and these are different parasites. Now normally, when you look at blood you have a few of those. This is what I keep seeing in all the vaccinated blood. Their blood is absolutely, the plasma is full and I mean full of bacteria and parasites in numbers that I have never seen before. As you can see here, it is crawling.

Normally you would have just one infection, maybe two. But here I can identify at least 8 different kinds of bacterium and parasites. This really is hardcore. This means that the immune system is SO overwhelmed that if you’ve got to clean this, you will not have any time to clean up cancer cells. You will not have any time to for all this other stuff. Look at this, it is everywhere.

This is absolutely not normal. This isn’t supposed to be this way. Normally the plasma is clean, but as you can see it’s absolutely crawling with horribleness. This is not good. If you’ve got this inside your body, it’s a ticking time bomb.

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