Cancer is Vaccine AIDS – Dr. Judy Mikovits Walks Us Through Decades of Science with Slides

A must watch – April 2, 2022

Cancer is vaccine AIDS driven by this vaccine program. They’ve injected cancer causing viruses in you for four decades, and then just saw how accelerated they could get you to die and how much money they could make before they killed you. 


God answered your first prayer today because they just gave me 30 minutes instead of 15, so I don’t have to do this at breakneck speed. I can slow down because General Flynn always asks me to simplify it for the idiots who don’t understand the pathogenesis. 

You all understand that the only thing we need for immunity is God that we have absolutely everything we need, and I’m going to walk through the science and show it to you. 

Because I was jailed in 2011 and in silence for five years under threat of “next time they would kill me and my husband.” 

And so, as you’ll read in our books Ending Plague, sometimes I can be quiet if it’s really important. 

And so, what I had to do in that time when I was jailed is I had to understand that I needed to speak the truth in love, number one, and I couldn’t tell Fauci what to do to himself. 

Which, if you’ve read my books and they’re all out here, at least the trilogy is, they told me to take that on the streets in New York City. When they told me I went in after I was let out of jail, and they told me to give him all my emails and all my personal notes and everything and I told him, “You promised him that not me.” 

I don’t go against my God, I fear only the Lord, and so what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to simplify it for them because I know you understand that God is all we need and I’m going to walk through and I’m going to show you the science to prove that, and I’m also going to show you how they’re trying to cancel the science, rewrite the truth as something else in that, as you’ve heard all day today, that we don’t need God. 

 So, they thought they took me out in 2011, but I listened, and we wrote these books during my silence and they’re legal documents. So, I wanna then show you what God Wins looks like. 

This is next slide. This is what victory looks like. 

God wins! This is AIDS research in human retroviruses in July of 2020. But they did it when they assembled in May of 2020. They go to Cold Spring Harbor, all the retro virologists, New York and they formulate all these ideas.  

Last time I was there was 1992 when I discovered much of what I’m going to show you today. 

 So why is this victory? 

Well, because Mikki Willis had produced pandemic. 

I mean, you could find it at and it was supposed to be a promotional video of our book Plague of Corruption. 

Our books are almost as hard to read as the tongues-I-speak-in are to understand. 

So, I wrote everything in English here today on the slides to make certain they understood. 

And in the barcode on the 1st slide you’ll find all the slides and a whole lot more information today. 

So, I’m going to try and give you bar code so you can share this with your doctors and everybody who needs to know. 

But why is this what victory looks like? Because this is July 2020. This is AIDS research and human retroviruses, a journal. 

And they basically walked through, and they told me what they don’t want you in any doctor ever to understand, and they spent the last 10 years trying to rewrite history and hope you wouldn’t see it. 

And so, the blessing is, COVID, Mickey Willis’ Elevate Films, and just every bit of this is all God when you when you know this story. 

Here are the diseases. 

This is vaccine aids. 

So, vaccine AIDS is COVID-19. 

And I’ve shown this slide and its various forms over the last decade, as I saw all the vaccine injuries. 

So, every single one of those diseases in red asterisks are auto-immune Disease, auto inflammatory disease, cancers and I write “unintended consequences” of three decades of liability free vaccines, absolutely not unintended. 

They’ve been experimenting on susceptible populations for now since all liability was removed in 1986. And you heard Andy Wakefield this morning talk about 1986,  

So, the key to everything in our world, that they don’t want you to believe, from the day you’re born is that God is all you need. 

And I’m going to show you this beautiful, elegant system given to us by God and show you how they’re crippling it and show you how every single vaccine is a synthetic virus.  

And I’ve I particularly put the dates on everything because I really want you to see the dates on the slide. So, this is 2014 and it matters, ’cause again, in 2009 we published our landmark paper in science. By 2011 it was, “how many new viruses have we created?” 

In science, so they write opinion articles about really important papers, so the heads of your one of your National Academy of Sciences, John Cough, and now it’s called the Institute of Medicine. 

He wrote the accompanying article with somebody from the UK called Jonathan Stoye, so the whole world order is in on it. 

In the UK, has always been in on making sure we killed the appropriate populations and experiment on the least and those are exactly who God told us to protect. 

So, this is a 2014 paper where they’re talking about the effects of environmental change on zoonotic disease risk. 

That means the zoo is in the middle of it. 

Transmission of viruses from animals to human, and this is really important, but what you see in the slide there is uncontrollable unpredicted impacts of safety due to genetic modification products.  

All vaccines are GMO. All vaccines are synthetic viruses. 

This is all dose dependent injury, and they know it and they know exactly what I show you. 

The disease engine on the right side of that slide that shows you the damage from a distance. 

How we’ll destroy our God given natural immunity with every single shot, and so the straw that breaks the camel’s back is called COVID-19. And so, now all the people they injured, over the next years, as I’ll show you, are the people that they’re trying to kill now, cremate them, call it COVID, deny them their God given natural immunity. 

This is what it’s all about. 

And destroy, or they think they will destroy, Christianity and this country, this one nation under God. But again, God wins because those of us who fear only God will stand in this gap for every one of you, just as we always have. 

So here [are] the dangers of animal RNA, DNA protein. 

As I said in pandemic, no RNA viruses ever worked. 

Why do I say that? 

Because they don’t give you lifelong, robust, lasting immunity like my natural measles infection when I was five years old. Every one of these are animal viruses. 

These are the dangers. 

What are they afraid of? 

This is what Del Bigtree challenged me. 

What they are afraid of, and he suggested it’s that the COVID vaccine will crumble the confidence in all vaccines. And I said, “what they’re afraid of is that we, the people, will repent and turn back to our God given natural immunity.” 

I thank God for Robert F. Kennedy Junior and Children’s Health Defense and I support them and encourage each and every one of you to do that. 

I encourage you to listen to this book because it’s very difficult to read because, for me anyway, ’cause I had so many things to add. 

So, it’s brilliant and I did not know much of it. 

I did not know it took only three days to kill a man or person with remdesivir and make it look like late stage covid and deny God given immunity and natural antibodies. 

And those are the very people who will die.  

I knew since the 80s that all vaccines are synthetic viruses. None meet the legal definition. 

They’re not a single virus that’s given to you in saline, and they’re tested against a crawl. 

They haven’t been tested at all since all liability was removed. Not one, not the combination, not what they put on the schedule. And all of them contain monkeys, birds, cows, dog you know transformed, immortalized cell lines that grow permanently. 

That’s not a vaccine. 

That’s a bioweapon, and they’ve had these bioweapons in our laboratory since the mid 60s. 

Planning for this, testing this, using the aborted fetal cell lines, as if somehow, that’s (as Francis Collins says – shame on him. He is one of those non-Christians in language only, oh, he said God’s taken what was meant for evil?) these aborted fetal cell lines that have been in our labs for 40 years and they grow viruses really well and we inject them into humans in every shot. 

It is absolutely disgusting. 

Why is XMRV pivotal? 

Well, what haven’t you heard about? 

In all, you know, so they wrote that article in a Science Journal, AIDS research in Human Retroviruses. 

What is the toxic legacy of Judy Mikovits

Who am I toxic to? 

I’m toxic to them because I won’t let them change the science, and I won’t let you forget it, and I’ll educate every doctor in this country and every scientist, to where they have to stand up. 

So, they say everything on this slide, if you look at all the evidence in this slide, infection of the brain microglia, infection and dysregulation of the gut, vasculitis (oh, that’s inflammation of the vasculature,) inflammatory dysfunction: cytokine/chemokine storms (like I showed you in the disease engine), auto-immunity. Cancer is an acquired immune deficiency. 

Cancer is vaccine AIDS driven by this vaccine program. They’ve injected cancer causing viruses in you for four decades, and then just saw how accelerated they could get you to die and how much money they could make before they killed you. 

We know exactly what that receptor for XPR1, the XMRV [is]. It is a phosphate transporter. So, [] when they add glyphosate, glycine with a phosphate group on it, every single cell of the body, including the stem cell, this is the only family of human retroviruses that infects us. 

So, it’s critically important that they make this virus go away, and that’s why you don’t hear about it, so I’m going to show you they made SARS Cov-2 in 2004. 

They made SARS Cov-2 in 2004. That’s what this paper says. Here, we show that SIV didn’t work so well, so we pseudo typed HIV on it. 

Heard a little bit about HIV in the last few weeks? 

Of course you did because they created this because the HIV envelope actually efficiently affects human cells a whole lot better, one of those human embryonic kidney cell lines, those aborted fetal cell lines. 

It worked so much better and if you add them murine leukemia virus protein, which is what XMRV stands for, xenotropic ’cause it’s not in the mouse, murine leukemia cancer causing virus protein, (oops that retrovirus, little bit of a problem) in the inset is their little fake electron micrograph for the virus they constructed so they could draw the pictures for evermore. 

Here’s a 2011 paper. I’m going to show you how you can get the variant du jour and how you can avoid the variant du jour. 

This is from a bat cave. They basically looked at the feces of the bat fecal samples in this cave in China. 

This is October 11th, 2011. It was submitted in October of 2011. It was published in January. I was fired, locked out of my 4 decades of research on September 29. 

They know exactly what they do. 

They thought they had it all. 

They thought they won, but King Jesus had another move ’cause I got a really big mouth. 

But the reason why this is here? 

The reason why this is here? 

Is because look at all the variants. alpha, beta, gamma. 

Oh, and all the way [] on the bottom it says Retroviruses: Moloney murine, it’s another monkey mouse leukemia virus and there’s a caprine arthritis, a sheep arthritis retrovirus. 

So, and a whole bunch of other retroviruses that they didn’t bother putting in the paper where other scientists who would review it, would see it. 

What they did was, they put it in the supplemental materials. 

And what does this mean? 

Oh, they just put it online because they have to, [] so that it’s not complete criminal fraud. 

Which the paper is really criminal fraud. I just don’t know how this VP62, is an infectious molecular clone created in the laboratory of Robert Silverman at the Cleveland Clinic, and Abbott owns that patent. Oh, and Abbott owns the testing for all of this stuff, and actually I wrote the patent for that virus and its variants.  

So how do you get an infectious molecular clone out of Cleveland and the labs at Fort Detrick into a bat cave in China in 2011? They know exactly what they were doing, exactly what they were doing. Here’s what they were doing. 

They were creating a tripartite, part HIV, part XMRV, and parts SARS. At the beginning of this thing I told you it’s not a corona virus. 

There’s no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier of a coronavirus. 

Oh, but there are asymptomatic carriers of retroviruses ’cause they reverse transcribe and intergate into your DNA and stay there forever. And the XMRV can go to the stem cells and, through the generations, destroy everything. 

There’s your SARS Cov-2, and it says right there it came right out of that scientific journal called the New York Times. 

Each spike protein snaps together with two others. 

Forming a structure that has a Tulip like shape, just like you saw in that picture, a long stem that anchors the proteins to the virus. 

It’s just their top looks like a three-part flower. 

Isn’t that just beautiful? 

We’re just gonna kill you with a flower. 

And here’s [] the paper that comes from a review that this is actually a vaccine and I’m gonna show you all the vaccines again. 

They’re legally defined as “stimulate immunity and disrupt transmission.” 

You know, they don’t, but importantly, the common symptoms pain, headache, fever, chills, fatigue. 

That’s COVID, they cause disease. 

I’m tired of hearing they prevent in the immune compromised. 

They’re killing the immune compromised, cremating them, calling it COVID. 

You never inject HIV, asymptomatic carrier, anybody else, a cancer patient, never do we inoculate them. We don’t take a dysfunctional immune system and then drive it toward its death. 

We protect it as God gave us and we’ll keep getting there. 

New England Journal of Medicine. 

So what I did for that? 

Is I went to this reference number 17. 

And I asked Doctor Rossetti to find me that paper because I’ve been locked out of the journals for a while, so Doctor Rossetti called me up. 

He found it was this New England Journal of Medicine Paper. 

In that preliminary part, and this is the one, by the way, where Tony Fauci says a black woman made that vaccine. 

Yeah, he’s just throwing out all the scientists the under the bus. 

She’s a good woman. 

Thinks she’s doing the right thing, not knowing this man is pure evil and saying, “well.”  

Why is this criminal fraud? 

Because when you go look when they said in that column that they had neutralizing antibodies and stop transmission, they never screen the participants for antibodies, I just showed you all of those people with antibodies to HIV, XMRV and SARS have antibodies already? 

And our paper proved it. At the end of the day, this is the paper of the work they said I couldn’t replicate again.

This was in the supplemental figure. What is the last line of that table? 6% of patients and 6% of controls had antibodies, immunity, God given natural immunity to the virus. 

The paper they allowed to be published after they jailed me, where this doctor, Gary Owens who is a cardiologist at University of Virginia, [] a month after he saw our work, he said, “I just isolated XMRV2, oh, from people with myocarditis.”

You’re injecting the disease. He’s a cardiologist at University of Virginia. He took our 101 samples, 67 of which were positive for the neural immune variant that causes neuroimmune disease, and what did he do? 

All the rest of them had XMRV2. 

They renamed it B4Rv so you wouldn’t know what it is, and I just show you in the inset, the spike proteins from both viruses impact tumor pathogenesis, drive cancer, microvasculature, blood clots, everything you’re seeing with the shot. 

They knew exactly what they were creating. 

And here’s another one, Multiple Sclerosis. Expression of HERV, human endogenous virus, XMRV, (the W I’ll get to later) SARS Cov2. 

Again, all of these (oh the expression of all of them) the COVID vaccine is another synthetic virus. 

SARS COV2 is the monkey virus that doesn’t work very well. 

They optimized it for HIV and XMRV and called it COVID-19 Vaccine. And then, as I showed you on the last slide, [] injected it into every cell of the body. 

What are human endogenous retroviruses? This paper was 2004, shows the cytokine storm destroys the myelin sheath, the protection, by eating away at your tissues.  

That disease engine spinning round and round, expressing syncytin, the envelope of MLBs, the envelope of XMRV, very closely related to your human endogenous retrovirus W, and that’s what’s shown here. 

The human endogenous retroviruses are 8% of your genome given by God. They are not ancient viral proteins. I can’t even read this paper, the last three days I’ve just been livid upset about this. They show monkeys standing up through their evolution. 

They say we endogenized them, they’re dead viruses in your genome. 

No, they’re God Given sequences of viral origin at the surface of your skin, your gut, and your nasal pharyngeal cavity. Everywhere your innate immune system, it says this is my virus, not that monkey virus, mouse virus, cow virus, pig virus RNA. 

They’re stable. They’re the interface between self and foreign viruses. This is how you know, “yea viruses exist.” 8% of our genome is God showing you how many millions of viruses your very own genome protects you from, and that LTR is the start and stop switch of that virus. 

What makes it transcribe? 

It gets a signal and they’re dysregulating it with all the other toxins. They’re always expressed. 

You’ll always be PCR positive, and of course you will, if they injected COVID-19 and it’s XMRV HIV and SARS. Of course, you will test positive, they injected the disease. 

It’s beyond comprehension. 

We need syncytin. The HERV W envelope is the velcro that holds the fertilized embryo to the uterine cell wall. 

We absolutely have to have this system to protect us. 

Every single injection escapes the most critical of God’s control. Here’s the rest of this paper and what it says []. 

It’s disgusting. 

And this is 2018, so I showed you 2004. We knew what it was. Right when they created SARS COV2, so when they think I’m out of the world and they think they put that [me out of the world]  

And I knew I was supposed to say yes, my Lord instead of you could kiss my ****** 


But I didn’t do that, landed me in jail and in this hell so I am trying to work on learning this, but these are quotes from the paper of several diseases with abnormal activation. 

You cannot change the expression of your endogenous virome with retroviruses, heavy metals, all the garbage in those vaccines. 

The diseases associated are ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. 

Oh wait a minute we hold bucket challenges for this. 

What are we seeing with the COVID shots, ALS, prion disease, HERV W and HERV K. Envelope proteins by themselves, just as Gary Owen’s paper showed, pathogenic effects, in vivo (in living humans) that are relative to the pathogen of the pathogenomic features of these diseases. 

And now we’ve got new diseases. 

It gets even worse folks. 

Here’s the new diseases, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, and they call it CIDP 

They’re just creating new diseases, and that’s the last thing I said to John Coffin in that professional capacity is, “how many diseases are we creating, John?” 

How many new viruses are we creating, John? 

I was jailed a couple months later. 

He tried to kill me for a while, but God has a sense of humor. 

Clinically, this disease manifests itself by the development of weakness, the development of weakness, sensory disturbances and stripping of the myelin sheath by the macrophages, just what I showed you on the last slide. 

They just drew another picture of it here to show you in more detail. 

They know exactly the cellular mechanisms of what they’re injecting, exactly, every bit, of the cellular mechanisms of what they’re injecting. 

Here’s syncytin and sincytin is the protein product of HERV W, it’s that protein that fuses the cells. 

I show you my pen and my microscope, when we were trying to isolate the viruses from the humans. 

Those are syncytia. They’re virus spike protein fused cells, virus envelope protein fused cells. 

All you need is the envelope to cause disease and you injected this in every tissue of the body. And what it says is, what they did with the expression of this protein is, [] they bypass the Type 1 interferon transmembrane proteins which stop viruses from entering cells, so the expression syncytin is bypassing your critical type 1 interferon responses. And look what else syncytin is doing when it’s expressed, causing cancer, causing brain tumors, causing everything we’re seeing now. 

The explosion in chronic disease I showed you on that slide. 

These are the people they’re trying to kill with the shot, the people they already injured, the people they already destroyed their families and lives with lies upon lies. 

But God gave us everything we need to fix it. 

And he gave it to us starting with that Type 1 interferon pathway. We knew March 31st, 1980. Wow, that’s 42 years ago, something like that. 

I know that ’cause today is my birthday. 

Only God would give you identical twins on April Fools Day, so they can’t really tell which one’s me, at any rate. 

Type 1 interferons. 

So just to show you in the inset of the rewritten literature. “SARS Cov2 in comparison with other respiratory viruses, the synthetic SARS Cov2, drives a lower antiviral type 1, and type 3 response. They drove the low and the FDA took Paximune away from us away, from the veterinarians. 

It’s all described in our book, but now we’ve got it back. 

Thanks to Doctor Alim, and Doctor Alim’s got it for us. 

You’ve gotta barcode there that you can buy it from our get healthy store. 

It’s a nasal spray. 

You never need worry about anything infecting you again. 

It’ll keep you present. 

It’s a vaccine. 

Everything I’m talking to you about is a God given oral food vaccine that we can use to protect ourselves. 

Of course, the one they engineered evades this God, given immune response, what else does it evade? 

Oh, it evades DNA methylation. 

That was one of those other pieces of work. [] They said I published consistently if unremarkably. So, they told you through that paper exactly what they didn’t want you to know, why I put this together. 

Dimethylglycine is food. This book is from the 80s. It’s an essential amino acid. 

And now that all our glycine is contaminated with glyphosate, you need this more than ever. 

But what it does is it silences retroviruses. 

It restores the balance of that human endogenous retrovirus system, and it doesn’t matter how damaged you are, all you have to do is realize God is all you need. 

Never take another shot. 

Never eat their GMO genetically modified food and you’ll live fine. 

This is the methylation pathway, it’s biochemistry. 

It’s what I do, but all you need to know is DMG gives you glutathione. 

Everything you need to know. 

Every resident stem cell in your body has a macrophage component. 

This is the one in the brain. Changing 2 amino acids in the envelope changes that cancer causing virus to a neural immune disease causing virus. 

They know these variants and here’s what they do. 

Is that COVID, or is that Gardasil injury? 

Or is it aids? 

Look at that little girl. 

She’s an AIDS patient. 

They did that with a similar lipid nanoparticle in that vaccine (Guardasil) that’s coating and protecting the MRNA. 

It’s not at all a vaccine as we know. 

Here’s how we destroy our antigen presenting cells, our innate immune response that’s needed to functionally deride the adaptive immune response. 

You have to understand which cytokinesare going after which virus and which toxin. 

God gave us all of it. 

We know exactly what we need. Here’s glutathione. Again, amino acids, simple foods, IF (Immune Formulation) 200, glycine, glutamine, cystine. 

Our food’s contaminated. Our food is dangerous. It’s not feeding us. 

We need to maintain healthy food, rest our soils, get minerals in our soils. 

Every one of these are solutions you could do right now. 

Protect your skin with ozone, protect your skin. 

Ingest healthy fat precursors, special lipid pro resolving mediators. All our fats are toxic. They’ve made us fat phobic, and all the fats are fake. And they knew how to destroy our cell membranes from the very beginning. 

Because our cell membranes have to hold our endogenous God given cannabinoid system. 

All these transmembrane proteins, they signal their viral entry. TRPV1 is hot and cold pain. God’s got you when you’re in the fire. We know that.  

Cannabis is not a drug, it’s food, and they took the plant out of our environment in 1938. Took it all totally out of our environment. 

Every cell membrane needs this to signal properly. 

When it works, it’s absolutely a vaccine on the skin. 

It’s absolutely on the skin, preventing viral infection. 

See if I could go back on. 

Preventing bio infection. 

Bone development. 

The hematopoetic or blood stem cell. 

This pathway of NF Kappa B regulates the mesenchyme all stem cell for growth. 

You don’t inject a 7th grader. 

You don’t inject anybody with anything ever again. You’re destroying our God given. 

That’s why we’re fat, not ’cause we eat too much, but because our systems aren’t working and the fats will hold the toxins. 

G proteins: viruses don’t [cause us to] lose sense of taste and smell. 

They’re G proteins. 

There it is. 

All affection given by God. 

Those are proteins that go through that membrane every single one of them. 

Here’s cannabis natural healing. 

It’s out there at our booth. 

Here’s more cannabis formulated with Zev Zelenko. 

Formulated with Zev Zelenko and his Z stack. 

So that we’ve got the Z Stack plus CBD. 

Not only are they therapeutic but the CBD is a vaccine, blocks entry of viruses, all viruses. You don’t need to think about the variant du jour again. 

Lean greens, healthy greens, have to have healthy greens. 

They make chlorophyll they detox. Detox, it’s what you do. 

They synergize, they have that glutathione that Imodium of the GTMG and here you go.  

This is justice denied. I’m just showing you we can restore the faith in the promise of science. 

Our faith isn’t in science, it’s in the promise of science if we listen to God.  

This little boy was vaccine injured. Vaccine court said, all those slides I just showed you, I was an idiot. 

I didn’t care. 

The good doctor answered. 

The good doctor saw my report just like Doctor Paul Thomas. 

We can restore the faith and promise of science. 

No more shots, not ever. 

No more pharmacopeia. God is all we ever need. 

Thank you. 

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