Modus Operandi of a Federally Funded Hospital

As Medical Power of Attorney for both my hospitalized Mom-in law and Dad-in law. I was their voice, yet the hospitals made it difficult to verify even the most basic things. How could it be, that I had two parents in two separate ICUs, but they were given the same exact protocol!? Now, hundreds of others have reached out with the same sad story. Hospitals must comply with the protocols or risk losing federal funding.

  • Person goes to the hospital for practically any reason- broken leg, pregnant, Covid.
  • Hospital refuses care unless patient does Covid test- (PCR test has 97% false positive when amplification threshold 35 or more). Regardless of symptoms, hospital finds the person “covid” positive.
  • They immediately give the person an IV with Midazolam or similar.
  • This tranquilizes lung function, which negatively impacts oxygen absorption- Patient desaturates down to 70s or 80s.
  • Patient is moved into Covid ward, where they add Remdesivir to the cocktail of drugs in the IV.
  • Loved ones are excluded from contact with the patient and often threatened with trespass charges if they try and see the patient.
  • Remdesivir causes kidney failure- 53% of the clinical trial participants died before the clinical trial was stopped.
  • Hospital starves the patient at the same time; withholds adequate hydration.
  • Failing kidneys cause chest congestion, hospital intubates.
  • Doctors are barred from prescribing any antiviral medication (including Ivermectin), and the protocols are not sufficiently treating the inflammation.
  • They give medication Baricinitib– Causes blood clots and bleeds, and suppresses the immune system.
  • The patient dies in ICU and the hospital gets paid massive $ for the treatment and for each Covid death.
  • Family is told the patient “died of Covid.”

Sadly, hospitals are economically rewarded for Covid death through federal funding, as opposed to life. They even receive a 20% bonus on a patient’s entire hospital bill for using Remdesivir. 

Doctors are rewarded too. Of course, they must follow policy to keep their job. Any they have no liability if they follow federal protocols. Physician MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) quality metrics link doctors’ income to performance-based pay for treating patients with COVID-19 EUA drugs. Failure to report this information to CMS can cost the physician 4% of reimbursement.

As exposed in audio recordings, hospital executives in Arizona admitted meeting several times a week to lower standards of care, with coordinated restrictions on visitation rights. Most COVID-19 patients’ families are deliberately kept in the dark about what is really being done to their loved ones.

Patients need to now take unprecedented steps to avoid going into the hospital for COVID-19, or risk submitting to this one federally funded protocol.

-Ali Shultz, JD

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For too long hospitals have been profiting at the expense of the patient. A doctor cannot put a patient first and stick to hospital policy. No patient is the same, each must be healed accordingly.

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