Alleged COVID Mistreatment Leads to Civil Criminal Complaint Against Mayo

A civil criminal complaint has been filed against The Mayo Clinic in Arizona, alleging “False Imprisonment, Assault, Aggravated Assault, Medical Battery, Endangerment, and Crimes against Humanity.” The complaint, filed on Oct. 18, was filed by Ali Shultz, JD, founder of Hands for Health and Freedom, on behalf of her father-in-law Chuck Shultz.

Ali alleges that her father-in-law spent “24 days of seclusion, surviving six days without adequate nourishment and hydration.” Staff at Mayo told her the nutrition treatment plan that was starving him was “the standard of care” because of the risk of aspiration due to his condition.

Additionally, there was allegedly almost no effort to provide hydration via IV—for six days—except for “one bag of D5 water,” according to audio between Ali and the hospital administrator. IV hydration would have posed zero risk of aspiration to the patient. Ali was often prevented from being able to adequately advocate for Chuck because of the hospital’s policies. It was only because of her tenacity that she was able to secure the release of her father-in-law, who is now recovering at home.

Ali struggled to get the hospital to cooperate with her regarding both parents’ care. Her input about medications, treatments, protocols were all but ignored on multiple occasions with, at times, inadequate explanations given for the treatment plans or blatant disregard for her wishes. Egregiously, her parents-in-law were subjected to life-threatening isolation and seclusion, and were unable to properly advocate for themselves. The Hands For Health and Freedom press release states:

“Seclusion is the most concerning aspect of what we’re seeing across the board. When loved ones are not around to advocate on behalf of impaired patients, nefarious things can happen.

Ali became privy to the treatment in critical care units, while she served as Medical Power of Attorney for both of her Parents-in-law, who were hospitalized at Mayo Hospital Phoenix and Banner Thunderbird Medical Center throughout August and September. Sadly, her Mother-in-law, Christi Shultz died. Banner Hospital attempted to coerce the family to consent to extubate Christi, while restricting the family physical access to assess her condition prior to extubating. The family refused, and moved Christi to her home while on a ventilator, where she eventually died, but in the presence of her beloved horses and family.

Bodily sovereignty and voluntary consent were violated, per the press statement. For example, Chuck “was experimented on without knowledge or consent, by way of investigational drug, Baricinitib.” Ali’s suggestions about COVID lung care for her mother-in-law, Christi, were also rejected by the physician. Ali added in the press release:

“It’s troubling to see a hospital show any hesitation in their resolve to recognize and protect each person’s sovereignty over their own body. Voluntary consent to receive medications is black letter law (since Nuremberg), and it must not be discarded in favor of attempts to bring socialized medicine into America, through the veil of “evidence-based medicine.” Hands for Health and Freedom relentlessly supports equal justice for all victims of these crimes, in which policy and political agendas are positioned above the doctor-patient relationship and life-affirming measures.”

In another audio file supplied in the footnotes of the press release, someone is stating the Chief Medical Officers from hospitals in the state meet three times a week to discuss visitation policies that allegedly deny family visitation for COVID-positive patients. Ali was told she was not allowed to visit Chuck in the hospital “as long as he is here,” per audio captured with staff. The Arizona Health Department’s “Release From Isolation and Quarantine Guidance” outlines the policies for isolation.

Another audio file included conversations with a doctor who refused to administer Ivermectin—an “NIH neutral drug” for her mother-in-law, who had an existing prescription for the drug from her primary care doctor. The doctor is heard telling Ali that the hospital is “throwing the kitchen sink at her” to help Christi get better and, yet, when Ali begs him to give Christi Ivermectin, he refuses based on hospital policy. Adding insult to injury, he asks for the name of the prescribing physician “so he can report him to the board.” The refusal of requested treatment when no other medical treatment options are available clearly violates the Federal Right to Try Act (Public Law 115-176).

Director of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Arizona, Randy Miller, explains the right to file criminal charges against the hospital:

“It is imperative that public officials and those in law enforcement investigate crimes that have occurred, regardless if that crime is occurring behind a critical care door or with the assistance of public officials. The participant of the crime and the situation of the crime doesn’t change the impact on victims. Nobody is immune from prosecution for their part in a crime. We all have an obligation to our fellow citizens, that their rights are protected, and their safety not jeopardized by those in positions of authority. In order to maintain peace and harmony, justice must be served on those responsible for harm on the people.”

Cases are being won in the U.S. with regard to patients demanding hospitals be open to the use of Ivermectin and other life-saving treatments, despite policies that deny them access. The Harvard Law School publication Bill of Health reports an Ohio judge ruled in early September “that a hospital in the region must administer Ivermectin to a patient very sick with COVID-19 in their ICU, despite the decision by the medical staff, in agreement with recent statements by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that Ivermectin is not an appropriate treatment, as it has been shown not to work against COVID.”

The prescription, the publication reports, “came from a doctor who has no authority to treat patients at this particular hospital, although he is licensed to prescribe medicine in Ohio.” Ivermectin, a medication with few side effects, has been shown to work in places like India for the prevention of death from COVID-19, and yet, here in the U.S., it continues to be exceedingly difficult to obtain—even outside of the hospitals.

An Oct. 1 Dark to Light episode featuring Dr. Zev Zelenko, whose experience with thousands of patients in his small, rural community of Monroe, New York, discusses the unnecessary deaths to lack of early treatment with drugs like Ivermectin and HCQ and nutraceuticals like Quercetin, Zinc and vitamin-D, among others. He says this has been a “global takeover” by a few—like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO), the pharmaceutical industry and governmental institutions causing crimes of humanity that have been completely unnecessary.

He and other doctors, like Dr. Peter McCullough, have developed effective, safe protocols that help patients avoid hospitals and prevent viral loads that lead to death—death that is preventable for 99+percent of those who contract the virus. UncoverDC has written extensively on the subjects related to the pandemic, including treatments and the jab, in its comprehensive compilation of articles entitled UncoverCOVID.

Ali Shultz’s mission to advocate for health freedom started with the requirement in schools to force masks on her children, according to her website. Her background in the medical field, combined with her legal experience, furthered her ability to properly advocate for individuals fighting for agency over their health choices. She “served as Legal Director for America’s Frontline Doctors, ran point on all the strategic litigation and wrote letters for the public to use in their local communities” and also serves “as a member of the Legal Advisory Council for the Truth for Health Foundation.”

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