Nothing Should Cut You Deeper: Newborn Murder Protocol?

One man’s opinion by Jim Sachs

They’re after the newborn babies now, and nothing should hurt your heart more than this.

On February 15, 2022, Ali Schultz, JD, founder of Hands for Health and Freedom (HHF) appeared on the Stew Peters podcast ( or Mr. Peters’ podcast has 300,000 followers on Telegram alone.

The topic was an instance of profound misconduct which occurred in Arizona. The quick synopsis is this. The baby was born and given a PCR test which likely provided a false positive result. The hospital transported the baby to another hospital without the parents’ knowledge or consent, vented the blessing from God and tried repeatedly to coax the family into administering Remdesivir, which is known to cause kidney failure. Watch the video below for more details of this atrocity.

This is absurd. The younger the child, the more effective its God-given immune system.

Now color me whatever suits you, but this sounds like kidnapping and attempted murder to me. Notwithstanding the questionable medical ethics, I, personally, hope this is investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Who gave what orders?

Are the hospitals so greedy now they must swipe babies to collect the Federal dollars? Were they ever going to tell the parents? Or, without visitation, were they just going to say, “Oh, your baby died from Covid,” like they have done with so many adults denied visitation by family members. This was going to be abortion after birth – for a sizeable cash payout. Disgusting.

This is atrocious and horrifying. If this doesn’t hurt your heart, I’ll pray for you. This is unacceptable and everyone must protect their family members in this new age of “healthcare.”

It should be noted that while this baby ultimately was not treated with Remdesivir (aka Veklury) it is happening to babies across the nation. Remdesivir is now approved for use in infants weighing 3.5 kgs or more.

Remdesivir’s FDA approval is based on a very vague interpretation of what studies ‘suggest’ when it was used in conjunction with a steroid. It has not been tested as a stand-alone drug as is, so rigorously, done when ruling out other safe options. Remdesivir is also NOT recommended by the WHO for treatment of Covid. Read more here about the dangers of Remdesivir.

HHF and its host of volunteers are here to help you in any way we can. If you need assistance “rescuing” a family member from the clutches of an out-of-control medical industrial complex, please complete the form here. To find more tools and information on navigating patient advocacy in the age of Covid, go here.

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