Must Watch Highlights from Defeat the Mandate DC Speeches – A 5 Minute Reel You Don’t Want to Miss.

Watch and share these clips from courageous voices speaking on medical freedoms and the future of our history. We can’t let the media own the narrative. We are the news now.

“Right now, we are authoring the future for ourselves.  We have pen in hand. We will be telling our grandchildren stories. We will either be telling them stories about what Freedom was, or what Mandates were.”

– JP Sears, Comedian

“We are fighting against Big Pharma.  They have controlled and captured our health agencies.  And that is a war on repurposed drugs.”

“We’ve known for 2 years that there are cheap, safe, highly-effective, and widely-available drugs that can treat this disease.”

– Pierre Kory, MD, ICU Director, Pulmonologist

“We are 17,000 Doctors. That’s more than the NIH, more than the CDC and more than the FDA.”

Richard Urso, MD

“Doctors! Now is the time to Stand Up and Save our Profession.”

Mary Bowden, MD

“What we need to do is to start listening to the Doctors who have treated thousands of Covid cases with NO deaths.  Is that too much to ask?

Steve Kirsch, Exec. Dir. Vaccine Safety Research Fdtn.

“The minute they hand you that vaccine passport, every right that you have is transformed into a privilege contingent upon your obedience to arbitrary government dictates.  And what do we do about this? We resist!”

“Let’s fight for freedom.  And let’s build back for our children the America that our parents fought and died for.  Thank you very much.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Chair of Children's Health Defense

You and you alone, have the autonomy over your body.  That is your sole possession.  In many ways, It’s the only thing you have.

Dr. Peter McCullough

Parents you need stand up now and understand that only the Vaccine Developers and your Governments, the CDC, the NIH, have liability protection.  Your children do not. If they want your child to take any of these vaccines you stand up and say, “Remove Liability Protection from the table.

Paul Alexander, MD, PHD

“If there is risk, there must be choice. All of us have the right to understand these risks and to decide for ourselves whether we willingly accept those risks.”

Dr. Robert Malone

“I was seriously injured by my second dose of Pfizer. This is real.  The fact that is that private corporations are making billions of dollars conducting clinical trials on us at our expense.  It is completely unacceptable.”

Kyle Warner, Vaccine Injured Athlete

“And we will not stop fighting for Truth, for Scientific Integrity, and for Life.”

Dr. Christina Parks

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