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MUST WATCH: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – A Primer for Government and Technocratic Corruption

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains the behind-the-scenes, decades long use of CIA tactics for propaganda and the careful orchestration of tech companies, drug companies and government spy agencies to degrade our freedoms over time. He provides a brilliant and well-informed synopsis of this decades long journey to bring down Democracy. This is a must watch for an eye-widening understanding of the players and the play.

Medical Community Muzzled as Doctor-Patient Relationships Decimated in California on Valentine’s Day

Assembly Bill AB 2098 Introduced 2/14/22 Puts Bureaucracy in Charge of What Medical Providers Can and Cannot Tell You About Covid Treatments and Vaccines. Your Medical Providers Censored Under New Threat of Bureaucratic Tribunal with Their Livelihoods at Stake. Treatment Options and Informed Consent are Now Under Siege in California. Citing the FDA and the … Read more

Truth Social Coming Soon – Here’s the Link to Join Now and Prepare to Share Ideas Freely in the Coming Weeks

Dear Friend:Devin Nunes here. I wanted to thank you for being one of the first patriots to join TRUTH Social. We’re working hard to bring you a social media platform that restores the promise of a free and open Internet — a promise under unprecedented assault by the Big Tech tyrants.Stay tuned — I’ll have more … Read more

SILENCED! Voices of NY Healthcare Workers Effectively Silenced by Department of Health at Hearing that Unlawfully Decided Their Fate

A Bureaucratic Parlor Trick kept dozens of Healthcare workers from voicing their concerns at the DOH Meeting in September 2021 and they’re fighting back Hands for Health and Freedom, a legal and medical advocacy organization, has issued a statement in support of these heroes and their constitutionally protected rights. We hope you will join us … Read more

Convoy to Canada – Hear the Stories, See the Images, Experience the Emotion of this Pivotal Movement and Share Their Journey.

Videos, Images and Messages of Freedom and Hope from this Historic Crusade Against Trudeau’s Tyranny – God Bless Truckers and God Bless Canada! From “God Bless Truckers” (Video 1 of 2) A letter from a trucker in our convoy in Canada… “Hello everyone. We made it to Thunder Bay today. I have a hard … Read more

Must Watch Highlights from Defeat the Mandate DC Speeches – A 5 Minute Reel You Don’t Want to Miss.

Watch and share these clips from courageous voices speaking on medical freedoms and the future of our history. We can’t let the media own the narrative. We are the news now. You and you alone, have the autonomy over your body.  That is your sole possession.  In many ways, It’s the only thing you have. … Read more

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