Freedom of Speech

MUST WATCH: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – A Primer for Government and Technocratic Corruption

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains the behind-the-scenes, decades long use of CIA tactics for propaganda and the careful orchestration of tech companies, drug companies and government spy agencies to degrade our freedoms over time. He provides a brilliant and well-informed synopsis of this decades long journey to bring down Democracy. This is a must watch for an eye-widening understanding of the players and the play.

What if Google doesn’t agree with your idea of Freedom? Or Healthcare?

Do you trust Google with your Life? If you’re using their search engine, you do. They are literally controlling what ‘sites,’ sounds, and information you have access to. This may seem harmless to you initially. But think about just how often you rely on the internet to make a decision about travel, health, or other … Read more