What if Google doesn’t agree with your idea of Freedom? Or Healthcare?

Do you trust Google with your Life? If you’re using their search engine, you do. They are literally controlling what ‘sites,’ sounds, and information you have access to.

This may seem harmless to you initially. But think about just how often you rely on the internet to make a decision about travel, health, or other important choices. Think of what that means in the fight for freedoms many find themselves in today. What if Google doesn’t agree with your idea of Freedom?

The WORLD, brought to you by Google. If you control the information, you control the outcome. Genius….

You might be surprised at how insidious censorship is. You don’t even know it’s happening; there’s really no way to tell unless you’re looking.

A good search engine strives to return current, relevant, quality content that matches your query. That’s their mission, or so they say….

Now, what would you think about a product, with the mission above, that completes your query with older, less relevant content because it also meets its very own ‘special guidelines?’

Well, I hope you like that, because that’s what most of the world uses, and it’s brought to you by Google.

For your comparison, I’ve isolated ONE example for you in the images below, but I promise they are endless.

Note the age and type of results each engine returns. I recommend you experiment with it yourself. But maybe try something slightly controversial. There you can really see the difference.

There is a solution. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Here’s a link on how to change your browser to Duck Duck Go, protect your privacy, and open your world up to the uncensored version of the internet. I’ve found this browser to be very functional and very inclusive.

How to change the ‘default’ search engine on your browser and mobile devices….


How to Change the Default Search Engine on your Computer

How to Change the Default Search Engine on Android (howtogeek.com)

How to Change the Default Search Engine on Your Phone or Tablet (howtogeek.com)

Your world is literally colored by the information you allow in.

It’s time to sideline the censors and do your own research!

Yours in Freedom,

Rebecca Weaver – Substack

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