VaxxChoice Sends an Alarming Briefing to Their Subscribers Today on the Coming Marburg Virus

This is either a really interest thriller plot or a warning. I’ll let you decide, but they’ve had a lot right in the past and they’ve laid out some strong documentation to back up these assertions. (See the PDF Documents at the bottom of this post)

“Dear Vaxxchoice Family & Friends,

Here’s some really important information as a briefing to you. 

First, we are all aware of the monkey spill operation that happened a few days ago in Pennsylvania.  Today a “witness” is showing Marburg symptoms; see:  &

The powers are now making Remdesivir FDA approved and monoclonal antibodies illegal, which is interesting in light of the Marburg treatment protocol which University of Texas found in their study:  

The attached documents demonstrate that Marburg, Ebola and other highly contagious and deadly pathogenic RNA fragments were included in the lipid nanoparticles (payloads – first four attachments). We don’t know who got what payloads (lots and batches) or perhaps all of them.  We do know that the 5g system is linked to the nanobot signal (attachments 5 and 6).  See also:

Insufflated Ozone (up in the digestive tract – the colon) is the most efficacious treatment (Marburg and Ebola) according to some medical missionaries I spoke to in Africa who’ve been treating it for some time there.  I understand Chlorine Dioxide may also work because the manufacturers used the e-coli bacteria as part of their chimeric cocktail.

We just got word about Arizona and the federal gov’t are funding military equipment in addition to their Intergovernmental Agreements for the new Hospital/quarantine FEMA camps in Cochise County (others as well) .  See:

To our military and LEO’s and their family/friends, please start mentioning to your unvaxxed (or sympathetic) colleagues that the Law of War (last attachment) states that alien occupation is proof of change of administration/ sovereignty (they win) see:   Hague Convention IV, Art. 42; FM 27-10, Paragraph 351

In light of the foregoing, we are finding evidence to support the likely scenario playing out: 1) entire military is ordered, coerced and threatened into taking the shots; 2) the shots contain many (at least 8) deadly pathogenic RNA fragments as the payload in the lipid nanoparticles; 3) vax users who are exposed to the virus or family of viruses in the shots develop the ADE response when exposed or re-exposed to the pathogen (happening now with Covid, called Omicron); 4) military and law enforcement (“LEO”) gets rid of all unvaxxed; 5) all vaxxed fall-out (dead or sick) leaving a vacuum in the military and LEO positions; 6) hundreds of thousands of military aged and physically fit illegal immigrants have been flooding into the US for the last year without going through any immigration or identification processing; 7) there are numerous reports that many of the immigrants are military trained and previously exposed to US equipment; 8) FEMA camps are being activated with quarantine powers granted under 42 CFR Parts 71 & 72; 9) the vacuum created in military and LEO positions is filled with conscripted illegal immigrants under NDAA 2014 (existing law); 10) immigrants become the troops and now serve as quarantine, law enforcement and military forces (this is what Hitler did to round-up the Jews, he replaced all local LEO’s); 11) foreign troops are now occupiers of the US per the Hague convention and Law of War, afore mentioned and attached (see: Paragraphs 2 & 3, page 148; 12)  the US no longer exists under the international and the Law of War; 13) those that survive will become the chattel property of the patent holders of the shots and enslaved.

With the high mortality and morbidity rates we heard (1100% increase in 2021) about in Sen. Johnson’s hearing this week, we can expect many multiples of these higher rates this year.  The excuse (Marburg) to force quarantine of infected individuals and restriction of travel by all others (per 42 CFR Part 71 & 72) with foreign occupying military enforces (may not even speak English) it will be an easy mop-up operation for those occupying forces who have use of all the military equipment left behind.  

I would really appreciate you sharing this hypothesis in your own ways; it’s essential that we prepare the unvaxxed troops and LEO’s for the roles they will have to serve in order to maintain our system of government and country.   There are and will continue to be signs this is happening and asking questions of sympathetic or even semi-sympathetic fellow service members and LEO’s could be enough to plant the seeds of doubt and stop this plan.  Even if this sounds outlandish, please consider whether we’ve been wrong about anything heretofore.  Use your coms folks.  Social media is carefully monitored, though emails aren’t.  We now have an opportunity to open peoples’ minds to this plan and we need folks talking about this; lots and lots of folks.

Spread the word and please encourage your LEO’s and military members to look at the information and start asking their leadership some really hard questions.  The legal standard for making an arrest is Probable Cause that a crime has been committed.  There is ample evidence that many crimes have been committed and I do not think we can stop this until that happens.   We have a very short window of opportunity folks.

God bless all and may God speed you on your mission”

Read and share the PDFs below.

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