Healthy Children Develop Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Post Covid Jab Studies Show

Dr. McCullough: The Vaccine Program Should Be Shut Down—Less Than 25% Efficacy—Major Side Effects

“A report that looked at 356,502 children that took the jab showed that its efficacy was less than 25%, and in another report, 21 children developed multisystem inflammatory syndrome, 12 of whom had to be admitted to the intensive care unit.”

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On the heels of a report by Dorabawila from New York State, listen to this. 

This is in children that were basically encouraged to take the vaccine. Their parents took them in. 

Ages 5 to 11. 

356,502 children took the vaccine. Do you know what the vaccine efficacy was across the weeks of December and January? It was less than 25%.  

This vaccine was basically like doing nothing. 

It does nothing for children and we have really alarming data, and you know on my Twitter feed, if you go to it, I just cite the data. 

Dan Bongino from Fox News had me on the other day, he goes, “I go to Dr. McCullough’s Twitter because I just get the studies.”  

Listen to this study. It just came out from Anna Yousaf and colleagues.  

It was published in Lancet Child and Adolescent health. The title of the report is Reported Cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Children Aged 12 to 20 in the US Who Received the COVID-19 Vaccine.  

And here they have 21 cases of people in this age group who developed this horrible inflammatory syndrome. 57% had to be admitted to the intensive care unit. 

And, oh yeah, this is kids who are normal, they should be living their lives and enjoying themselves.

And 14% had to be put on the mechanical ventilator. 

And you know who this is happening to? 

This is happening to people who you know, young kids who have already had COVID, so their bodies already been loaded with the virus and now they’re being forced to take the vaccine on top. 

I mean, these are clear signals the vaccine program should be shut down. 

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