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Watch: Your Risk of Covid Infection Increases with Number of Vaccine Shots You’ve Received

Dr. Robert Malone: The Greater the Number of ‘Vaccine’ Shots, The Greater the Risk of Being Infected. The CDC’s Historic Risk Data is Irrelevant. We are seeing Enhanced Disease. The Vaccine isn’t working to prevent infection, replication and spread. “This ‘medical emergency’ that the Biden administration has used to justify suspension of the constitution is … Read more

“Fact Checkers” – Uncredentialed Internet Operatives Fact Checking the American Heart Association on Vaccine Induced Myocarditis

Dr. Peter McCullough, leading Cardiologist, on Myocarditis and warning from the American Heart Association on Vaccines in the face of False Fact Checks. It’s clear and the FDA agrees, the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines CAUSE Heart Damage. It’s unequivocal now! Just this week, two boys in Connecticut developed myocarditis and died on days 3 and … Read more

Organs Damaged as ‘Vaccine’ Migrates Outside of Arm Producing Spike and Invoking Auto-Immune Response – VAIDS

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: “The Proof is There. We’re looking at an agent that has no benefit whatsoever… If there’s any suspicion that an agent in the experimental phase is causing illness and death, that experiment has to be stopped on the spot… The spike protein can be found in the blood of vaccinated people… This looks premeditated.”

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