Watch: CDC Now a Weaponized Political Arm of Executive Branch, Full Stop – Dr. Robert Malone

Is the Executive Branch now running our healthcare agencies (CDC, FDA) using the enforcement arm of Homeland Security and Globalist Propaganda Organizations from the newly created “Trusted News Initiative”?

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The way that this works now, the way this game is being played, and I’m a veteran of many, many outbreaks and I’ve never seen this. My peers and I have never seen anything like this in the past.  

What happened was they set up an organization called the Trusted News Initiative, managed by the BBC in the UK and they defined misinformation as anything which is different from the official narrative.  

What we now know, because the New York Times article and a number of others that have come out now in a flood, is that the CDC has been withholding data. And they have become fully politicized. The CDC is now a political arm of the White House, full stop.  

That has never been the case in the past. And so, the way this logic works is that the CDC weaponizes information aligned with the administration; puts it out.

And if any of us say anything that’s different from that political position that that CDC has taken, we are censored or de-platformed as many have experienced.  

So that’s the problem. That’s the situation we’re in is that misinformation is defined now as anything that’s different from what the executive branch wants.  

And here’s what they did recently is, with the Homeland Security, they defined that anybody that’s purveying misinformation or disinformation, these are their words, is a domestic terrorist.  

If the information that we’re putting forth causes people to have concerns about the government. This is full on propaganda, censorship and information warfare. It must stop. – Dr. Robert Malone at CPAC

“The Truth Is Like a Lion; You Don’t Have to Defend It. Let It Loose; It Will Defend Itself.”
Dr. Malone: The Greater the Number of ‘Vaccine’ Shots, The Greater the Risk of Being Infected
The Government Has No Right to Insert Itself Into the Family—Where There’s Risk There Must Be Choice

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