A Layman’s Guide to Ivermectin

Common questions such as Safety, Dosage, and Efficacy often go unanswered due to censorship or difficulty finding and understanding medical jargon. Here’s a summary of what I’ve learned – Not a Doc

Ivermectin has been a safe and effective treatment for humans for decades and has been used off-label for millions of patients, of all ages and health conditions, to treat hundreds of ailments. Yes, it’s also used in veterinary applications just as you might find food, water and penicillin. (Here’s a great video on how it was discovered and why it’s a Miracle Drug: The Story of Ivermectin)

It has many treatment applications as it empowers the body on many levels. Therefore, it is not JUST an anti-parasitic drug. It was discovered to be effective against parasites, BY empowering the body through intracellular transport of ions, like Zinc.

Its role in the battle at hand is that it acts as a Zinc Ionophore. A what??? Yes, as Dr. Zelenko likes to say, “Zinc is the bullet, but you need a gun to get the Zinc INTO the cell.” There it can inhibit the mRNA Virus or Vax from taking over the cell’s function and manufacturing the Spike Protein, which is the most inflammatory, cytokine storm causing, blood clot forming part of COVID 19.

So once we remove the orchestrated stigma of veterinary applicationthe false premise that it’s unsafe, and the laughable idea that it’s ineffective against Covid 19 , citing “lack of studies,” you might arrive at, “Why Not Try It?” This is also known as “Right to Try,” which is also being denied in most major medical establishments. It’s extremely inexpensive and effective, which reduce the profit margin, the fear factor, the demand for vaccine mandates, and the appetite for government tyranny in the name of a public health emergency. You can see why it’s being demonized.

On to Dosing –

For common ailments such as skin rashes or stomach bugs, often caused by parasites, you might see a recommendation of .15-.2mg/kg, but in the case of active Covid Treatment the dosage increases to .6mg/kg for 5 days (based on FLCCC and others guidance).

If you’re in the US and this is gobbly-gook, no worries, we have a calculator to convert your pounds into kilograms. But here’s a basic framework for your convenience, as Ivermectin often comes in 3mg tablets, the ranges would look something like this.

  • 165 – 175 lbs – 45mg
  • 176 – 186 lbs – 48mg
  • 187 – 197 lbs – 51mg

The basic formula of Weight / 2.2 (converts into kg) x .6mg will get an approximate dosage, and then you round to next lowest 3mg tablet increment.

Ex. Joe weighs 247 lbs.

247 / 2.2 x .6 = 67.363 (round down to 66mg – a multiple of 3)

Using this formula, Joe’s dosage would be 66mg/day for 5 days based on the FLCCC guidelines.

Of course, I recommend you do your own research as I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on TV. There are many other vitamins and supplements that make this treatment successful, but I hope I’ve taken a little of the mystery out of Ivermectin for now. You can find more information like this at Handsforhealthandfreedom.org Ivermectin, along with additional dosing information for those may be a little more adventurous.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

Behold, the power of a milligram….

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