“Artemisinin has shown incredible properties in treating a variety of diseases and conditions. We will all need a way to deal with the unknown long-term ramifications and/or damage done by the introduction of unnatural spike proteins into the human body. If there’s even a small chance it can help, it deserves extensive research and open scientific debate.” – This information is courtesy of the Covid Truth Network on Telegram

Before Artemisinin is dragged through the mud (just like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, as well as the excellent group of Drs. here on the team) by the unscientific pagan/idol worshippers in mainstream media and ‘Big $cience’ please have a DETAILED read through the linked studies below.

Artemisinins: their growing importance in medicine –

Artemisinin as an anticancer drug: Recent advances in target profiling and mechanisms of action –

Scientists develop new cancer-killing compound from salad plant –

Artemisinin improves neurocognitive deficits associated with sepsis by activating the AMPK axis in microglia –

Anti-malarial drug: the emerging role of artemisinin and its derivatives in liver disease treatment –

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For too long hospitals have been profiting at the expense of the patient. A doctor cannot put a patient first and stick to hospital policy. No patient is the same, each must be healed accordingly.

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