Studies and Resources that explain why this time-tested, safe, and efficacious drug should be part of your wellness approach in the age of Covid-19.

Covid-19: Ivermectin and the Truth

PDF used with permission from Dr. Paul Marik, MD, FCCM, FCCP – FLCCC


Summary of the Evidence for Ivermectin in COVID-19 – FLCCC


See the success stories of Ivermectin graphically represented on FLCCC’s updated Ivermectin section.

New JAMA paper show Ivermectin blows the COVID vaccines out of the water

Efficacy of Ivermectin Treatment on Disease Progression Among Adults with Mild to Moderate COVID-19 and Comorbidities. The I-TECH Randomized Clinical Trial

Leading Voices on Ivermectin and Covid-19 Treatments

Dr. Paul Marik

“This drug is safer than Tylenol”

Dr. Pierre Kory

DECEMBER 8, 2020 | CLIP OF MEDICAL RESPONSE TO COVID-19 US Senate hearing – Ivermectin is 100% cure for COVID-19

Dr. Zev Zelenko

‘Propaganda’ and ‘Fear Mongering’ Around Ivermectin

Dr. Peter McCullough

“Covid-19 is and has always been a treatable disease.”

The Ivermectin Story

A Short Documentary on Ivermectin, its discovery, applications, and the Nobel Prize for what is truly a miracle drug.

Dr. Pierre Kory

The studies show Ivermectin is effective all over the world, but this information is being suppressed.

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