Understanding Ivermectin

Early treatment works. If you want to stay out of the hospital, it’s important for you to understand the 3 stages of Covid, and how to properly dose Ivermectin.

While serving as Medical Power of Attorney for my In-laws, who were both hospitalized at the same time at different hospitals, I was laughed at when I requested therapeutics such as vitamins and Ivermectin. These same doctors “caring” for my family, and laughing at my requests, denied my Dad-in Law hydration and nourishment for 6 days (except for one bag of D-5 water), experimented on him with investigational drugs (Baricinitib / Olumiant) WITHOUT knowledge or consent, and secluded/isolated him for 24 days (without a court order!), which is far longer than the state guidelines. Devastatingly, my Mom-in law, Christi died. By the grace of God, I was able to rescue my Dad-in-law, Chuck.

Despite living through the definition of torture, Chuck is now home and recovering. After this inexplicably difficult fight to gain access to life-saving treatments and care for my family, I founded Hands for Health and Freedom– I’m on a mission to provide alternatives for the American people.

When I look back at why my in-laws went to the hospital, it was the feeling they needed more oxygen. However, I don’t think we would have arrived at that point had we truly understood the Covid-19 disease process and how to properly dose Ivermectin.

My family and I have always known early outpatient treatment works. After our hospital experience, I can see precisely why people need to stay out of federally funded hospitals and find independent doctors without corporate handcuffs.

The Three Stages of Covid

Many people don’t realize Covid-19 is an immunothrombotic disease, that starts off like the cold/flu. In April, 2020, Swiss scientists confirmed that Covid-19 is actually a systemic vascular endotheliitis.

There are three stages to Covid; (1) Viral (mainly stays in nose and mouth), (2) Inflammatory (gets into lower lungs), (3) Thrombosis. This is why they say early treatment and stopping the viral replication while it’s still in the nose and mouth is key.

How Does Ivermectin work?

There are so many incredible therapeutics for Covid-19, and most are suppressed and denied to hospitalized patients. Ivermectin is just one of these many therapeutics.

My colleague, Dr. Ryan Cole gave me a fantastic explanation of the Ivermectin mechanisms of action… Ivermectin’s antiviral mechanisms are viri-static, not viricidal, meaning the virus is still present but can’t do what it wants to. The virus isn’t necessarily “killed” by ivermectin, but rather neutered. “More importantly, Ivermectin is anti-inflammatory so it is effective preventatively, in early infection, and in hospitalized mid infection, as well as in long haul symptoms in post Covid patients.” Here’s what it does:

1.     Inhibits binding at ACE2 an TMPRSS2 keeping the virus from entering our cells.

2.     Blocks alpha/beta importin (the virus cell taxi) keeping it from getting to the nucleus.

3.     Blocks the viral replicase zipper (RdRp).

4.     3-Chimotrypsin protease inhibition (keeps the virus from assembling).

5.     Ivermectin strengthens our natural antiviral cell activity by increasing our natural interferon production (this Counters SARSCOV2 activity which inhibits cellular interferon).

6.     Decreases IL-6 and other inflammatory cytokines through NF Kappa Beta downregulation, taking the patient from a cytokine storm to a calmer inflammation profile.

7.     Binds NSP14 necessary for viral replication and blocks it (equals less virus).

8.     Most important mechanism is inhibiting binding to CD147 receptor on red cells, platelets, lung and blood cell lining. Ivermectin keeps the virus from binding here and decreases deadly clotting.

Dosage of Ivermectin

Many people have preventative doses of Ivermectin in their medicine cabinets. This is fantastic but is likely not enough! Here is your WARNING that the preventative dose you have in your medicine cabinet will likely NOT be enough to treat you if you get sick. If you become sick, please call your doctor! My colleague, Dr. Lauren Pruett gave me an example of dosing Ivermectin:

Patient weighs 180 pounds. Patient has preventative Ivermectin dosage of 15mg for 5 days in his medicine cabinet. Per the Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance, the treatment/hospital dosage for Patient at 180 lbs is actually 49 mg per day. Here’s the math:

180lbs / 2.2 = 81.8 kg

Per the FLCCC protocol, Ivermectin treatment/hospital dosage is 0.6 mg per kg.

As such, 81.8 kg x 0.6 = 49 mg per day.

Patient at 180lbs should take 49 mg of Ivermectin each day. Patient has only 75 mg total in his medicine cabinet. At the FLCCC treatment/hospital dosage, Patient won’t even have 2 days worth of Ivermectin.  Knowing this math equation could potentially save you a visit to the hospital, and it’s been my experience it’s best to steer clear! Please check out the full FLCCC protocol.

Safety of Ivermectin

Reports show that Ivermectin is completely safe up to 1 mg/kg.  The present analysis of the available medical data concludes that the safety profile of ivermectin has so far been excellent in the majority of treated human patients so that ivermectin human toxicity cannot be claimed to be a serious cause for concern.[1]

Hundreds of millions of human subjects have been treated with Ivermectin for curative or prophylactic purposes worldwide over the last 3 decades. After more than 25 years of use, Ivermectin continues to provide a high margin of safety for a growing number of indications based on its anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory activities.

Hospital Withholding of Therapeutics

While my family was hospitalized, the hospitals not only withheld Ivermectin, but many additional therapeutics. If hospitals stay on the Fauci protocol, the federal government shields them from civil liability for Covid patients (except willful misconduct, fraud, criminal acts).  For them, a socialized “protocol” of withholding therapeutics is necessary to maintain the Emergency Use Authorization of the “vaccine.” To have an EUA, there (1) Must be a declaration of a public emergency, (2) There can be NO alternative, available and approved treatment, (3) The cure can’t be worse than the disease itself, and (4) Informed consent of all known and unknown risks, along with the right to refuse is required.

To anyone participating in this fiction and withholding treatment to hospitalized patients, PLEASE STOP! Doctors and Nurses- Your patients need you! Please don’t allow corporate handcuffs to interfere with your ability to save your patients’ lives.

Ali Shultz, JD on Substack

[1] Jacques Descotes MD, PharmD, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Claude Bernard University of Lyon Fellow, US Academy of Toxicological Sciences Eurotox Registered Toxicologist: EXPERT REVIEW REPORT, MEDICAL SAFETY OF IVERMECTIN

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  1. Thank you so much for providing all of this great information. We so appreciate it. My husband and I had cob-19 in Dec. of 20, we stayed home and took C, D3, etc. we were I’ll for three weeks and stayed away from everyone for another week or so. I am still coughing some mornings. I’m going to order Dr. Zelenco formula to try to clear up the cough. Thank you for all you are doing. Thank God for all of the doctors who are standing for the truth.

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