Freedom of Speech

Truth Social Coming Soon – Here’s the Link to Join Now and Prepare to Share Ideas Freely in the Coming Weeks

Dear Friend:Devin Nunes here. I wanted to thank you for being one of the first patriots to join TRUTH Social. We’re working hard to bring you a social media platform that restores the promise of a free and open Internet — a promise under unprecedented assault by the Big Tech tyrants.Stay tuned — I’ll have more … Read more

Convoy to Canada – Hear the Stories, See the Images, Experience the Emotion of this Pivotal Movement and Share Their Journey.

Videos, Images and Messages of Freedom and Hope from this Historic Crusade Against Trudeau’s Tyranny – God Bless Truckers and God Bless Canada! From “God Bless Truckers” (Video 1 of 2) A letter from a trucker in our convoy in Canada… “Hello everyone. We made it to Thunder Bay today. I have a hard … Read more

Defeat the Mandates – Voices of Courage

People came to DC on 1/23/22 to speak about the Crime that is our Response to Covid-19. Doctors, Vaccinologists, Pathologists, Ethicists, and Vaccine Injured were courageous enough to come forward. Here are just a few of their voices. A link to the full program and additional clips are below. Listen, if you dare. The above … Read more

Hands for Health and Freedom

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We need your support to save lives and restore freedoms through education and advocacy.