Defeat the Mandates – Voices of Courage

People came to DC on 1/23/22 to speak about the Crime that is our Response to Covid-19. Doctors, Vaccinologists, Pathologists, Ethicists, and Vaccine Injured were courageous enough to come forward. Here are just a few of their voices. A link to the full program and additional clips are below. Listen, if you dare.

Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Paul Marick, FLCCC

Defeat the Mandates – An American Homecoming – Washington, DC (01/23/22) FULL Program

Published on 24 Jan 2022 / In Health
00:00:00 – Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy
00:11:35 – JP Sears
00:22:25 – “Star-Spangled Banner” – Jimmy Levy
00:24:40 – Kevin Jenkins
00:32:13 – The Physicians
01:12:20 – Dr. Robert Malone
01:28:25 – “Silent War” – Five Times August
01:35:09 – Dr. Joel Wallskog
01:41:23 – “Silence” – April Malina
01:45:17 – Kyle Warner (reAct 19)
01:55:02 – Steve Kirsch
02:05:33 – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
02:34:04 – Dr. Tess Lawrie
02:37:49 – Rizza Islam
02:47:47 – Rabbi Zev Epstein
02:54:05 – Dr. Aaron Lewis
03:00:43 – Dr. Christina Parks
03:06:00 – Will Witt
03:09:27 – Trahern Crews
03:12:09 – Tyler Fischer
03:14:15 – First Responders
03:19:51 – Del Bigtree

The above short clips are provided courtesy of the Rumble Channel Chief Nerd. To see more visit his link.

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