Covid Bureaucracy

All Mandates Dropped UK, Ireland, Scottland! Won’t be another person mandated to take a vaccine.

The vaccines are simply not sufficiently safe. They’re not effective now at all. It really is an indictment of the vaccine in terms of being unsafe.  -Dr. Peter McCullough, Chief Medical Advisor, Truth for Health Foundation   Senator Johnson and I were on a call today with Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom. Of interest, Ireland, … Read more

Involuntary Quarantine Among Proposed Regulations on NY Dept. of Health Docket – What You Can Do!

Unelected and Unafraid, Governor Hochul and Co. are working feverishly to strip what remains of a Citizen’s Rights in NY. Utilizing procedural pathways to carve out broad new powers for the Department of Health and Education, they will create an effective stranglehold on virtually every citizen. New York will soon be at the mercy of … Read more

SILENCED! Voices of NY Healthcare Workers Effectively Silenced by Department of Health at Hearing that Unlawfully Decided Their Fate

A Bureaucratic Parlor Trick kept dozens of Healthcare workers from voicing their concerns at the DOH Meeting in September 2021 and they’re fighting back The NY Governor, State Dept. of Health, and Attorney General are trying to remove the religious exemption from the COVID vaccine mandate ordered on all medical and health services personnel by … Read more

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