Military Mandates

Acute Disease Database Sees 20 Million Case Increase for Military Following Vaccine Rollout Over Preceding 5 Years of 1.7 Million

“They introduced and mandated a Covid-19 Vaccine for our US Military, when they had only lost 12 service members total to the disease.” – Leigh Dundas, Human Rights Attorney She jumps in at the 1:30 mark with Flame Throwers Firing… but the lead up is a good preface with Attorney Tom Renz. They introduced and … Read more

Medical Treason Killing Soldiers: Intentional Harm, Death carried Out By Military Command

Attorney Leigh Dundas – STEW PETERS SHOW 1/26/22 Let’s be real, our military loves to cover things up, but they usually botch it. Pulling out of Afghanistan, we blew up a bunch of children, and tried to lie and say we were bombing terrorists. The drone bombings in Syria have been exposed as pointless attacks … Read more

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