Medical Treason Killing Soldiers: Intentional Harm, Death carried Out By Military Command

Attorney Leigh Dundas – STEW PETERS SHOW 1/26/22

Let’s be real, our military loves to cover things up, but they usually botch it. Pulling out of Afghanistan, we blew up a bunch of children, and tried to lie and say we were bombing terrorists. The drone bombings in Syria have been exposed as pointless attacks on civilians. The whole liberty-advancing Afghan war turned out to be a bunch of contractors running off with billions of taxpayer dollars. Now we have the war of vaccination, with our military being used as guinea pigs, and the Pentagon gaslighting the public, hoping no one will expose the medical treason intentionally killing soldiers every day, ordered from the very top of the U.S. government.

One brave voice who has not shied away from this mega story is human rights attorney Leigh Dundas. She joined the Stew Peters Show on Wednesday to deliver truth bombs against this poorly manufactured coverup, regarding mandatory vaccination killing troops.

“In the 5 years leading up to the vaccination year of 2021, so we’re talking ’16, ’17, ’18, ’19, and 2020, those averages across those preceding five years were very consistent,” Leigh Dundas told Stew. “All disease categories combined in the US military, we had 1.7 million incidents of disease and injury across all disease categories in those preceding 5 years, of course in the beginning of 2021, the US military mandated the vaccine and in the first ten months, those numbers shot up from a very stable 1.7 million, to nearly 22 million.”

“So the court of public opinion would call for an immediate stop to this right now, not some long drawn-out inquiry process or some investigation that takes us down a five-year nothing-burger,” Stew told Dundas. “This needs to be stopped immediately, but do you know what the court of public opinion doesn’t have, it’s the information that they need to actually call for that because the media, shame on them, all of them, Newsmax, Fox News, all of them with a platform have been lips sealed, zipped up completely quiet, ignored this, turned around and looked the other way. They’re no better than Lloyd Austin, Joe Biden, or anybody else that is killing these soldiers.”

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