Is it Still Safe to Fly? Nobody is Talking About Dead Pilots: Military Command, Media, Airline Execs Ignoring Air Terror

On Monday Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin held a round table for diverse perspectives on Covid-19 and the various vaccinations for it. He invited Tony Fauci to attend. During that hearing, attorney Thomas Renz testified about the enormous increase in medical problems for the military in the wake of the vaccines. A 300% rise in miscarriages, a 300% rise in cancer, and a one thousand percent increase in neurological issues.

Joshua Yoder is a commercial pilot and a member of USA Freedom Flyers, a group dedicated to protecting the rights and medical freedom of pilots, passengers, and airline employees. He joined the Stew Peters show on 1/26/22.

Visit their site here to learn more or donate: US Freedom Flyers – We Call The Shots, Not Them!


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