Fully Vaccinated Children 3.3 Times More Likely to Die of Covid-19 Than Unvaccinated, UKHSA Trying to Hide It

“The latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) confirms fully vaccinated children are over 3 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than unvaccinated children, suggesting the Covid-19 injections are causing some form of Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease such as Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, and the UKHSA are trying to hide it.“ Full article at link … Read more

All Mandates Dropped UK, Ireland, Scottland! Won’t be another person mandated to take a vaccine.

The vaccines are simply not sufficiently safe. They’re not effective now at all. It really is an indictment of the vaccine in terms of being unsafe.  -Dr. Peter McCullough, Chief Medical Advisor, Truth for Health Foundation   Senator Johnson and I were on a call today with Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom. Of interest, Ireland, … Read more

Natural Immunity 3x More Protective from Hospitalization – Mandates Unnecessary, Data There All Along

Now when you get something this wrong, you apologize. You’ve either lost your scientific objectivity or you apologize. Tens of thousands of careers were ruined.  – Dr. Marty Makary, Johns Hopkins Professor Dr. Marty Makary on The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton, Fox News, Sunday Night 1/30/2022 The data have now definitively answered the open question … Read more

Acute Disease Database Sees 20 Million Case Increase for Military Following Vaccine Rollout Over Preceding 5 Years of 1.7 Million

“They introduced and mandated a Covid-19 Vaccine for our US Military, when they had only lost 12 service members total to the disease.” – Leigh Dundas, Human Rights Attorney She jumps in at the 1:30 mark with Flame Throwers Firing… but the lead up is a good preface with Attorney Tom Renz. They introduced and … Read more

Must Watch Highlights from Defeat the Mandate DC Speeches – A 5 Minute Reel You Don’t Want to Miss.

Watch and share these clips from courageous voices speaking on medical freedoms and the future of our history. We can’t let the media own the narrative. We are the news now. You and you alone, have the autonomy over your body.  That is your sole possession.  In many ways, It’s the only thing you have. … Read more

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