Jab Detox! One Doctor’s Take

How to Detox From Harmful Vaccine Ingredients
by Dr. Michael Roth  

As more information is being gathered, revealed, and understood by the public regarding vaccine ingredients and their dangers, there’s a growing need and desire to remove these toxic elements from the body to mitigate or prevent the harmful effects of these poisons. This especially applies to the COVID-19 injections which have been shown to do nothing to prevent COVID, but in fact have already caused more death and injury in the last year than all of the vaccines administered in the last 20-30 years combined!   

But before we explore the “how to” of vaccine detoxification, it’s important to know what’s likely in the vaccines and what harm they can and already have caused.

Vaccine Ingredients 
There are the “usual suspects” found in past and current vaccine vials: aluminum, thimerosal (mercury), formaldehyde, animal and/or human fetal tissue, beta-propiolactone (a powerful, toxic disinfectant and carcinogen), GMOs, sugars, FD&C Yellow #6, monosodium glutamate, peptone, ammonium sulfate, glutaraldehyde, and ethanol among others.

That’s quite a list, but there’s more… The current CoVid shots have also been found to contain graphene oxide, mRNA, parasites, unidentified particles, and the spike protein responsible for CoVid-19. These materials may also be transmitted from vaccinated individuals to unvaccinated.  

There’s also evidence these vaccine adjuvants accumulate in the body. In fact, just with aluminum alone, 75% is retained in a newborn and up to 40% in an adult; stored in the kidneys, spleen, liver, heart, brain, lymph nodes, and muscles. 

Adverse Events (Vaccine Injuries)
The list of harmful reactions caused by vaccines is enormous. It includes but is not limited to: anaphylaxis, fever, convulsions, chronic coughs, blood clots, heart damage, birth defects, developmental abnormalities, degenerative conditions, ADHD, allergies, asthma, autism, brain damage, digestive problems, epilepsy, behavioral problems, cancer, headaches, neurological deficits, meningitis, MS, arthritis, SIDS, weakened immunity, spasms, and emotional changes.  

Additionally, many of these toxins are synergistic, for instance thimerosal’s toxicity is multiplied by the presence of aluminum, and other medications. You can have harmful reactions with your immunizations from past vaccines combining with others. They must be removed to prevent further harm and to restore health to the body.  

Did you know that the majority of vaccines are unnecessary? The Faulty Germ Theory Narrative –
Since Louis Pasteur first introduced his germ theory, it has been embraced by the medical community and its followers as the cause of disease. But, his theory has been proven wrong. A French chemist, Antoine Bechamp, developed a theory that pathogens or germs thrive when the terrain in which they exist weakens or becomes toxic. In other words, it’s not the germs that cause disease, it’s your immunity; your resistance to those germs that determines whether you get sick or not and the severity and length of the ailment. Body health is EVERYTHING!   

Who Should Detox?
The short answer is everyone. If you have been vaccinated, you are injured whether it’s evident or not. It’s unknown when and how that injury reveals itself. Therefore detoxification is vital.  

How to Reverse Vaccine Damage – Detox

The very first step is to reduce or stop the influx of toxins into your body for the things that you can control. There’s no point in trying to detox poisons if you’re putting them right back in as with continued vaccinations. It’s like trying to bail water out of a sinking boat with a thimble!   

Second, clean up your environment as much as possible. The purer and more natural it is, the better the body can recover, detox, and strengthen. Reduce or eliminate products that contain harmful ingredients and try to go “green” as much as possible. Use laundry, body care,  & lawn care products that contain non-toxic ingredients. They are out there, it just takes a little research.

Third, and the most important is diet. As much as possible eat an organic, plant-based diet. Conventionally grown foods contain pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and more. The word “cide” by definition means a person or substance that kills! Therefore the less toxins you ingest the better. If you eat meat, limit the amount and source free-range, pasture-raised types. Other aids you can employ include:

  • Air – fresh! If possible live somewhere that has a lot of trees to provide clean, breathable air. You can also invest in a home air purifier.  
  • Water – make certain it’s filtered and drink at least 2-3 liters a day to flush out toxins and cleanse your organs.
  • Stress – stress destroys the gut microbiome hampering your ability to digest and detox. The best way to detox is by consuming an organic plant-based diet.
  • Sleep – “experts” recommend 8 hours, but we’re all different. Rather than length of time, the quality is the most important; deep, sound, uninterrupted sleep heals and is better achieved by slowing down before bed, turning off the computer and tv early, and taking melatonin.  
  • Baths – Epsom salts and clay baths help pull toxins from the body while they cleanse the skin and unclog pores allowing more toxins to flow out.
  • Green smoothies – these are a great way to detox for both adults and children alike.
  • Exercise/saunas – these are excellent ways to help detox through a combination of exertion and sweating. Skin pores are one of the four major vectors for releasing toxins. The other major three are the lungs, bladder and colon. Exercise strengthens the heart, muscle, bone, and stimulates lymph flow to help clear out unwanted debris from the blood. In addition to exercise, a helpful adjunct to remove toxins is using a dry infrared sauna. 20 minutes per session is all that’s needed.  

It’s important first to remember there are bad supplements (containing synthetic, artificial ingredients/preservatives) and good ones (coming from organic/pure source with little to no artificial ingredients).

There are more, but some of the best nutrients to help with detox and strengthen the immune system are:

  • Vitamins B (complex), C, D3, & E which can be simplified by using an organic comprehensive all-in-one supplement
  • ·       Bentonite clay & activated charcoal
  • Magnesium
  • Oil of oregano
  • Chlorella/Spirulina
  • Garlic
  • Natto-K (a natural blood thinner)
  • NAC – a precursor to increase glutathione production (master antioxidant of the body)
  • Liposomal glutathione
  • EDTA – chelates heavy metals and graphene oxide (topical creams are best)  
  • Digestive & Proteolytic enzymes – to help break down food and destroy virus membranes and biofilms. Enzymes decrease with age.
  • Pre & probiotics to re-implant a healthy gut microbiome
  • Humic and Fulvic acids – powerful detoxing agents  
  • Cold pressed Omega 3’s – repair cell membranes and tissues


The accumulation of heavy metals and other toxins started the day you were born, increased dramatically with your first vaccination, and continues to climb with the poisons that we’re exposed to day after day in our food, air, water, medications, cosmetics, manufactured household goods, etc. We can’t expect these toxins to be eliminated overnight. It’s going to take time and patience to reduce or eliminate them but the rewards are worth it. 

Michael Roth is a Doctor of Chiropractic and worked as the medical/health editor for America’s Frontline Doctors. He has over 30 years of extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and health coaching. With a goal to glorify the Lord, he is dedicated to providing for and educate the public as much as possible regarding the gaining and maintaining of dynamic health and effective supplementation. He recommends the best detox, antioxidant and nutrient products which can be found at: www.somahealth.net

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