Seek Justice by filing a Private Criminal Complaint

Society lives in harmony and peace when there is justice.  Justice serves as vindication for victims and should demonstrate an honest recognition of violations of a system of laws designed to protect the rights of people.  Application of the law makes no difference based on your position in government, a citizen of society running a business or being an employee serving the community.  The law must be applied equally and a position in government such as legislator, governor, mayor or police chief grants no immunity from the law.  

When there is clear evidence presented showing violations of law and of our constitutions, it is an obligation to investigate and bring charges before a court to determine the facts. For this is our system of justice and the glue that holds a civil society together, separating us from chaos and anarchy.  The liberties of the people demand this.  We are not a Marxists or Socialist society, we are a Constitutional Republic governed by the people, not a political elite ruling over every aspect of our daily lives.  

Victims of government infringement, unconstitutional law making by administrative agencies, and enforcement of unlawful protocols and mandates have an avenue to seek justice. This criminal complaint process is our tool for society to return to a system of laws and a constitutional form of government.

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